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Games localization is special, and Wordbee has unique features just for you.

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Perfect features for games localization

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool ideal for games

Real-time progress overview

Multi-column editor displays images

Automated quality assurance

Reports & analytics

Terminology custom fields & images

Industry-leading machine translation (MT) options

The right CAT tool for games

A secure, centralized, cloud-based CAT tool allows project managers and translators to access translations simultaneously.

Add valuable context to segments in your CAT tool, including images and information related to specific terms in your terminology database.

Manage version history, quality assurance, and communications directly in the CAT tool.

Powerful API & connectors

Large game companies often store their strings in a database and prefer to connect content to their translation management system via an API. Wordbee’s API has clear documentation and gives organizations complete control.

Not all game companies work that way. For those using GIT or other repositories, Wordbee meets your unique needs, with several options for connecting content.

One system instead of many

Localizing games is easier and more productive when it’s done in one end-to-end system, instead of in several separate tools.

At every step in your project lifecycle, Wordbee has powerful features and customization options to keep your projects on track, save time and money, and ensure seamless localization.

Workflow automation

Dominate every aspect of project management, be it assignments, finance, invoices, jobs, or vendors, by taking automated technology to new heights.

So much time is gained from not having to perform routine tasks. Mental space and resources are freed up for quality localization.

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