Reliability & Automation for Argo Translation

To scale their business, Argo Translation needed a stable system that would streamline their workflows and save them time.

Argo Translation needed a stable system

Argo Translation is a US-based Language Service Provider founded in 1994 by Peter Argondizzo and Jackie Lucarelli. They offer translation services in many sectors, especially healthcare, legal, marketing, and more.

300+ Translators

230,000,000 words translated

80+ Languages covered


Having been in business for several decades, Argo Translation has worked with multiple translation management systems over the years but none of them was able to fulfill their needs.

Their previous server-based system wasn’t stable and continually crashed. 

Their previous system caused considerable downtime and IT overhead.

Too much time was spent on administrative tasks, such as updating translation memories or handing over jobs.

Communication and collaboration with 300+ translators worldwide was a challenge.


Argo Translation needed a translation management system that would meet their key requirements long term as they didn’t want to switch systems again. They wanted:

Easy maintenance of translation memory databases

High quality environment for translators & editors to collaborate more efficiently

Modern management workflows including automation where possible

Integration with CMS, like Kentico and WordPress

Stable technology that scales with the business


Meet Peter Argondizzo

Co-founder, Argo Translation

“We highly recommend Wordbee. The technology has been rock-solid, the team is easy to work with, and the support team is phenomenal. We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee is an integral part of our broader workflow and we couldn’t perform at this level without it!”

Problem analysis

Argo Translations’ goal was simple - help as many businesses as possible connect with their clients, no matter what language they speak. But between downtime of the previous system and repetitive administrative tasks they were limited in their mission.

What they needed was a stable translation management system that would reduce the workload of their project managers and that allows for efficient collaboration between translators and editors.

Solution analysis

After evaluating several providers, Wordbee ranked highest in all categories - ease of use, supported file types, implementation time, scalability, customer portal, TM maintenance, and translator acceptance.

Translators enjoyed working in Wordbee, project managers loved the automation capabilities, and the marketing & sales team appreciated additional features, allowing Argo Translation to feed 100% of their projects into the TMS.

The biggest gain from the cutover to Wordbee stems from the integration with Argo Translation’s accounting and project management system. It allows them to create very complex proposals in a matter of minutes and administration work has been greatly reduced.


Reliability, scalability, automation and integration were key requirements for Argo Translation and Wordbee impressed in all of them.

Having the ability to provide better service with less administration time made a huge difference for Argo Translation. As a result of choosing Wordbee, they were able to increase production capacity by 30%.

Added value highlights

Argo Translation has completed various custom API projects in conjunction with the Wordbee team. The most recent gives customers an unprecedented look at project progress and their current open and closed projects in Wordbee.

Additionally, Wordbee’s CMS connectors and the ability to connect the TMS to their clients’ websites is a huge benefit for Argo Translation customers. The connection simplifies web projects and saves web developers a lot of time. This aligns perfectly with their mission in helping businesses better connect with their clients anywhere in the world.



How the Wordbee vision impacted these clients


Vittoria Ceccarini

The solution is ideal for translators, agencies and internal language services who demand a high degree of workflow personalisation.

Rui Milheiro

Hogarth Worldwide
“Having [ . . . ] a system that has all the features and functionality a company like Hogarth requires isn’t easy, but Wordbee manages to deliver.”

Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

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