Translation project management

Translation project management in the localization industry is all about shipping content, staying productive, and maintaining quality.

Feature-rich project management for localization teams

Multiple assignment methods

Easy costing, invoices, and finance

Effective user interface

Track comments & issues

Powerful API

Continuous localization

Flexible language combinations



Detailed QA automation


Peter Argondizzo

Perfect handling of any file types and streamlined workflows have saved us 100’s of production hours. This partnership has allowed us to do so much more for clients.”

Project managers need power. Does this resonate?


Are you limited by what you can do in your existing system?

Do you wish you had everything you need in one system instead of several systems?

Do you find your team lacking workflows, or powerful features?

Does your current system crash frequently? Is the customer service reliable?

Does your sector require special features, either in your CAT tool or TMS, that are hard to find?

Are you missing out on opportunities to automate routine tasks?

Centralized translation memory

Wordbee is an all-in-one system that is cloud-based. This means that your translation memory, terminology databases, and glossaries are organized and utilized from one central location.

You never have to send translation memories or “packages” when you work with Wordbee. Your translators simply login and start translating, benefiting fully from your TMs and other resources. Project management becomes so much easier.

Powerful translation workflows

Wordbee supports clients in gaming, software, the life sciences, and several other industries. As such, nearly every type of translation workflow, including linguistic validation or other exotic workflows, are easily achievable in Wordbee.

Advanced operations can automate workflows at several points, the starting point being job kickoffs and handoffs between workflow steps.

Manage invoices at scale

Wordbee is an all-in-one system that automatically counts words, applies translation memories, applies discounts, manages detailed prices for suppliers and customers, generates and sends invoices, and so much more. Everything you can dream of related to prices, costs, and invoices.

Managing supplier or customer invoices is a major pain-point for organizations. Solve it once and for all.


Working together is easy in Wordbee because everything is centralized. You no longer need to send files back and forth or communicate on several different channels.

Everyone works together in the same interface, at the same time, and comments, issues, and version history are always tracked at segment, file, and project levels.

Track comment history, replies, and mark comments “resolved” so you never deliver a file with outstanding issues.


How the Wordbee vision impacted these clients


Vittoria Ceccarini, Sanitas

"The solution is ideal for translators, agencies, and internal language services who demand a high degree of workflow personalization."


Rui Milheiro, Hogarth Worldwide

"Having the balance between an easy-to-use system, and a system that has all the features and functionality a company like Hogarth requires isn’t easy, but Wordbee manages to deliver."


Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation

"We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee has been great."

Industries powered by Wordbee

Life Sciences






Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

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