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Make Wordbee Translator work to achieve your goals

Experienced consultants from LinQuake Translation, Advice and Technology provide on-site training to companies in the Netherlands and Flanders during the implementation process of Wordbee Translator and to train your users. This training can be given in both Dutch and English.

Custom Training

LinQuake provides applied training programs for the administrators of the platform, as well as the project managers, translators and editors. This means that the users will not only learn how Wordbee Translator works, but especially how they should apply it and configure it within their own work environment as part of the entire defined translation process.

Duration and Costs

The duration of the onboarding and training always depends on the situation & needs of the client. In certain situations, a project price based on a broad-based implementation plan can be agreed upon.


In most cases, the training courses never stand alone. Wordbee Translator is, after all, a tool for achieving the translation objectives that have been set. This also includes defining these objectives and translation processes, setting up an organized structure and the corresponding responsibilities, and determining quality management and how to manage any external suppliers.

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About LinQuake

LinQuake is a Language Service provider that has integrally worked with Wordbee Translator from the very beginning. We know the content and application of the translation platform inside out. Based on its knowledge of the translation market, LinQuake is also an expert when it comes to translation processes and everything that comes with it. The consultants at LinQuake have extensive experience in the field of change management and project management, which makes them the ideal partners for implementing Wordbee Translator and training the users.

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