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The financial industry has specific needs, which Wordbee is tuned to meet.

All-in-one localization software for the finance industry

Translation memory & computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool

Reports & analytics


Quality assurance

Project management

Finance & business management

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Machine translation


Ester Caduff, Migros

“Wordbee optimally accompanied and supported Migros to migrate from a server-based infrastructure to a fully scalable cloud infrastructure. The set deadlines were met, and we were able to start on time with the new Wordbee solution.”

Financial institutions choose Wordbee because it’s secure

Wordbee is also chosen by governments, banks, public institutions, and companies in regulated sectors.

Wordbee is a highly secure product with different hosting options to meet the needs of demanding institutions.

Some customers translate more than 20 million words into several languages each year with Wordbee.

More than 10,000 translators login to Wordbee each week for hundreds of organizations.

Wordbee is chosen by many of the world’s leading localization managers because it saves time and money.


For financial localization, security comes first

A centralized, secure cloud means you no longer have to send files back and forth via email, which is the most vulnerable part of outdated translation workflows.

Traditional security features are also present in Wordbee, like single sign on (SSO), granular user permissions, and more.

Secret mode for projects provides granular confidentiality controls over what project managers can and can’t see about a given client.

Special hosting options

Wordbee hosts its services using Microsoft Azure Cloud services, which are compliant with the highest security standards. Your data is kept secure at all times.

Wordbee has specialized data centers and partners for financial institutions in Switzerland and is happy to work with financial institutions to meet their hosting requirements.

One system instead of many

When it comes to features, financial institutions need solid, reliable workflows and translation technology that will accomplish the trifecta of excellence: save time, save money, improve quality.

Wordbee delivers powerful features across all aspects of localization, including project management, CAT tools, integrations, APIs, machine translation, and more.

Reliability, resilience, and trust

The world’s largest financial institutions require sturdy, state-of-the-art localization software that always works and is protected from external threats.

Wordbee customers find that superior performance and productivity are combined with reliability, security, and operational excellence, which has surprised many when they migrated away from systems that were unreliable.

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