Strings, not files

Wordbee Flex API revolutionizes dynamic localization

Achieve continuous translation during the creation and updating of your assets.

Our revolutionary, string-based Flex API integrates your content management systems, GIT repositories, databases, and other content sources with Wordbee Translator. Because Flex deals in strings, not files, it gives you the agility to send changes for translation in real time, as you make them. No need to resend whole documents or files or to wait for translators to finish previous versions. Just click a button whenever you’re ready to dispatch a single change or a group of changes.

How does Flex work?

When you use the Flex API, you send strings to a Flex container, a file that lives inside Wordbee Translator.  The container is managed and worked on like any file is. When you are ready, you can pull the strings the translators have generated, wherever you need them to be.

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Streamline agile project management

Work collaboratively and in a synchronized manner with other stakeholders in the project. Flex brings about a truly agile translation workflow that helps to smooth interactions, reduce stress, save time, and get deliverables done on time. The solution operates like a shared online document or spreadsheet. New strings are made available to all translators within existing translation jobs.

Automated administration

Project managers can rest easy after simply creating a project and a Flex container that will hold the work to be done. Whenever new content is pushed to the container from the source application, Wordbee Translator automatically kicks off translation jobs. 

Power to the translator

Translators are notified whenever updates are made. They always open the same job and can easily identify new or modified strings. They are helped by updates arriving with context information, segment length constraints, and instructions or comments from the content creator. 

Keep a full changelog

Keep an accurate history of revisions and comments across the entire project cycle, from content creation to translation workflow. All string additions, deletions, and changes are fully traceable. 

Easily track transaction costs

Dynamically cost all work using industry-standard methods such as edit distance. Have invoices created automatically and a detailed inventory of text changes generated, with time stamps included. 


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