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There is a reason why most LSPs that use Wordbee experience tremendous growth (and it isn’t luck).

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Peter Argondizzo, Argo

We highly recommend Wordbee. The technology has been rock-solid, the team is easy to work with, and the support team is phenomenal. We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee is an integral part of our broader workflow and we couldn’t perform at this level without it!”

LSPs like Argo Translation choose Wordbee because it helps them serve more customers

High-growth LSPs like Argo Translation or Capital Translations choose Wordbee Translator because it seamlessly handles all aspects of their business.

Effortlessly manage your supplier and client invoices with integrated financial management.

Powerful workflows support several different industries (games, life sciences, medical, technical, web content, software, and more) and help LSPs sell to a wide-range of potential customers.

Rock solid, easy-to-use online CAT tool means your translators simply login and start translating. They require no separate subscriptions.

Reliability: More than 10,000 translators login to Wordbee each week for hundreds of organizations.

Project management for LSPs

Wordbee offers powerful workflows that go above and beyond what you see in other translation management systems. This is why giants in different industries, like Viacom, the largest games company in the world, and ICON PLC, are all able to work more effectively with Wordbee.

Wordbee first started automating projects back in 2009. Today, Wordbee offers a plethora of automation options that help LSPs scale their business: as the LSP grows, project automation helps them increase volumes and decrease costs without sacrificing quality.

Secret mode for projects provides granular confidentiality controls over what project managers can and can’t see about a given client.

Connect to clients’ content systems

Wordbee Beebox is a standalone “connector” product that makes it easy for you to connect to CMS systems like WordPress, broadcast management systems like WHATS’On, or other systems. When you have clients whose content is in these systems, this makes it easy for you to get them set up.

Work with anyone and stop sending files via email

Wordbee’s CAT Tool is often preferred by both localization managers and translators. It’s cloud-based, so your translators simply login and start translating with full leverage of your translation memory or termbases.

Communications take place within Wordbee, and your linguistic resources are also centralized in the system. This means that you have one cohesive, reliable system for everything you need.

Reliable, resilience, and trust

Wordbee’s clients include enterprises like Air France, life sciences translation companies like Capital Translations, Vitaccess, and ICON Plc, software companies like Ciena Corporation, and LSPs of all shapes and sizes.

All of these companies have one thing in common: they want to centralize their work in one system that they can trust. If you wish you had one system that made sense and doesn’t let you down, choose Wordbee.


How the Wordbee vision impacted these clients


Vittoria Ceccarini, Sanitas

"The solution is ideal for translators, agencies, and internal language services who demand a high degree of workflow personalization."


Rui Milheiro, Hogarth Worldwide

"Having the balance between an easy-to-use system, and a system that has all the features and functionality a company like Hogarth requires isn’t easy, but Wordbee manages to deliver."


Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation

"We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee has been great."


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