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Release Notes 17/09/2019

[NEW] New access right to enable/disable creating projects
Added new access right that adds the ability to enable/disable creating projects. Works in conjunction with project edit details right.

Release Notes 12/09/2019

[NEW] Order notification template: New option for {{WorkerListTranslators}} placeholder
The {{WorkerListTranslators}} placeholder shows all workers that are assigned translation (TR) jobs in the project attached to the order. You can now customize which types of jobs shall be looked at for this placeholder.

[IMPROVED] Language title for ca-ES corrected
Language title for ca-ES corrected. The language was displayed as Catalan (Catalan) instead of Catalan (Spain)

[IMPROVED] ​[Editor] Force display of the additional actions in the batch actions window when settings conflicts existed
We have enforced the display of the additional options panel in the case of conflict to assure a more consistent experience with batch actions.

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