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Features that marketing localization people love

Flexible, reliable computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool

Project workflow automation

Real-time progress overview

InDesign preview

Reports & analytics

Terminology manager & glossary

Several machine translation options

Automated quality assurance

Robust project management

Marketing localization often involves managing a plethora of projects and files and dealing with version management and last-minute changes.

Wordbee makes it easy to update source files, even when they are being translated, making the localization experience seamless, and soothing a major pain point for marketing localizers.

Job assignments, vendor management, real-time job tracking, prices, quotes, invoicing, and so much more is easier with Wordbee. Time savings are quickly realized as automated processes are found throughout the solution.

Powerful API & connectors

Language service providers and marketing companies that provide marketing localization services are often presented with challenges when connecting to different content management systems (CMSs).

Wordbee makes it easy to connect to several CMSs, and translators can translate in context using the live preview feature, which displays the translated content with fully preserved layout and rendering, including images and graphics.

Terminology & glossaries

Build and manage terminology databases per client, reuse them, and enforce the use of the right terminology within your projects. Wordbee features a dedicated, concept-based terminology management module that allows terminologists and translators to collaborate in a centralized system. You can easily build, import, and export your terminology databases in a variety of formats.

Terminology can be improved and maintained using custom labels. Wordbee makes it easy to build terminology for your clients and integrates them completely with the CAT tool to ensure they are used properly. Matches to glossaries or termbases are visible in the CAT tool whenever the term appears in the source, and terms are always searchable as a resource for your linguists. Linguists are informed in case of terminology inconsistency.

Workflow automation

Dominate every aspect of project managementassignments, finance, invoices, jobs, and vendorsby taking automated technology to new heights.

So much time is gained from not having to perform routine tasks. Mental space and resources are freed up for quality localization. Wordbee helps you automate tasks and focus on the stuff that makes your marketing texts great.


Rui Milheiro, Hogarth

I would recommend Wordbee to any expanding company that needs a robust, centralized translation management system!”

Companies like Hogarth Worldwide have mastered localization with Wordbee

Create and automate complex workflows such as transcreation, back translation, and parallel proofreading.

Reach the highest levels of cooperation with your clients thanks to built-in client validation workflows.

The incorporated CAT tool allows translators to work in a centralized, collaborative, and secure environment.

Marketing translations are creative, and Wordbee helps teams get creative, with smooth commenting and collaboration.

Set up your workflows to eliminate routine and tedious tasks. All project stakeholders can work in an efficient way, using their time to focus on what they are good at.

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