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What is Beebox?

Wordbee Beebox is a smart middleware solution that can automatically identify and extract translatable content from cloud-based repositories and facilitate the handoff to a translation management system (TMS). Beebox can integrate with content management systems and file directories either through a connector or a custom API. Both options ensure a smooth and secure transfer of translatable and localized content, eliminating manual and time-consuming tasks.

Natively, Beebox connects to Wordbee Translator, but you can use it with other TMSs too. Once the source content has been translated and reviewed in your computer-assisted translation tool, Beebox pushes it back to the content repository for final approval and publishing. Any new or updated source content can be automatically processed and dispatched for translation. This approach streamlines your localization workflow and simplifies the translation process. With Wordbee Beebox, you can manage your multilingual content efficiently and in a user-friendly environment.

What can you do with Beebox?

File-based system integrations


This is the traditional approach that works with file payloads via a secure FTP server. Beebox connects to your document management system (e.g., SharePoint or SAP), extracts the translatable content, and generates XLIFF files in a hot folder via a secure FTP connection.

CMS Connectors


When you want to translate content from a CMS (e.g. Sitecore or Drupal), Beebox integration is done via API and off-the-shelf Beebox CMS connectors.

Both options ensure a smooth and secure transfer of the translatable content between your content repository and TMS.

The process in a nutshell

Once you connect Beebox to your content source and create a new project, the workflow is initiated automatically, manually, or in a mixed mode. The workflows depend on the type of content source you connect to: a file-based system or a CMS.
Previously translated content can be aligned with translations and stored in a translation memory for future reuse. You can also use one of the machine translation connectors to pre-translate text segments and send them to your translators for post-editing.
After you prepare the project in Beebox, and your client approves the quote, you create translation jobs in one or more languages and assign them to your team. Beebox pushes the files to Wordbee Translator, and the translators translate the files in the system’s CAT editor.
The translators use translation memories and terminology databases that you have enabled in the project. These resources help them maintain translation consistency and save research time.
As soon as translators finish their tasks, the system automatically notifies reviewers to review the translations. If your TMS is Wordbee Translator, the live preview add-on can be used at any time during the project to check how translated webpages look.
Beebox pushes the reviewed, localized content back to your CMS for final approval and publishing.

Besides CMS content, you can also use Beebox to localize GIT and software content
or pull content from file-sharing repositories, such as Dropbox.
You can find a complete overview of the supported formats here: Beebox File Formats.

Learn More

See the Beebox documentation to learn how to connect Beebox to your content source and TMS and how to create and manage projects.

Reliable middleware that’s quick to set up

Support for leading CMSs

Live preview of your website

Workflow automation

Cloud storage connections

Exact matches & repetitions

Easy TMS connection

Hot folders


Beebox connects these systems to your TMS

Use hot folders for flexible automation

Set up folders for translation

Create hot folders for translation via FTP. Feed content from that folder into Wordbee Translator for streamlined localization, and push localized content to a separate folder or to GIT.

Easily connect your organization to your workflows

Setting up hot folders makes it easy to connect anybody in your organization to your translation workflows. This works especially well for documents.

Live preview for in-context editing

Make life easy for your translators

When you use Beebox to connect Wordbee Translator to a CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Adobe Experience Manager, or Sitecore, translators can display a live preview of the translated webpage or application.

Interactive editor inside the preview

Translators can choose whether to make changes in the Wordbee Translator editor or within the interactive editor of the live preview itself, where they know immediately how the page layout is affected. Check out the short video.

Translation memory & alignment

Leverage your existing translations

You may already have much translated content but not a good translation memory to leverage those translations for future work. Beebox features an elegant text alignment tool that will create the translation memory you need to get your localization operation up to speed.

Save time and money

As past translations are aligned and Beebox’s translation memory is further developed with every new translation, you can make significant time and cost savings. Exact matches and repetitions can be automatically discounted from invoices so you pay only for what is newly translated.

Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

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