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Please note that this cookie policy is just for the website. The Wordbee Translator application (the thing you signup for) has its own, separate policy.

The website may use cookies for user session tracking. The cookies are used solely for identifying user sessions and do not store any personal information regarding the user.

Tools we may use include Autopilot, Google Analytics, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and HEAP Analytics. Autopilot is used mostly for onboarding new trial signups, to display the right message at the right time. Google Analytics is used for the regular website statistics, and also to better display Google Ads. Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook are used in connection with their ads services, and are used to build better target audiences for promoted posts or ads. HEAP Analytics is used to better assess how you use the website.

Google Analytics doesn’t store any personal information of yours, but we may use it to display ads to you around the web on down the road, for example ads on Youtube or a website banner somewhere about an event we’ll be hosting. To opt-out of that, you have to do with Google on your Ads Settings page:

Likewise, to opt-out of Facebook remarketing, you have to do it at Facebook since we’re not the ones processing that data. And the same with both Linkedin and Twitter.


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