Continuous localization for software

Wordbee enables continuous localization to keep up with agile release cycles.

Features for software localization

Flexible, reliable computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool

Continuous localization

Automated quote/invoice creation

Automated invoice aggregation

Reports & analytics

API & connectivity options

Terminology manager & glossary

Automated quality assurance


Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation

We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team.

Software companies master continuous localization with Wordbee

Achieve end-to-end, automated, and efficient localization with Wordbee’s rich feature set.

Wordbee’s automation is key in software to be able to handle small strings and jobs on a large scale.

Wordbee’s CAT tool has linguistic tools, glossaries, termbases, QA checks, and more, that help software companies keep quality high.

A powerful, open API allows you to integrate Wordbee with your tools like never before.

Integrate your repositories, and send new/updated strings for translation back and forth.

Truly continuous localization

Wordbee created the first continuous dynamic translation (CoDyT) system, which allows you to translate unlimited quantities of strings, continuously, within the same project, and in any combination or configuration of languages.

Versions of documents can be managed automatically, and translations in progress can be updated on the fly with new versions, helping software teams to pipe last-minute changes as needed.

Auxiliary processes like invoicing and job assignments are automated to keep your team continuous, even when you have a ton of small jobs and strings. For example, automatic invoice aggregation every month makes it easy to compile all your small-job supplier invoices into a single invoice.

Powerful API & connectors

Wordbee has several options for connecting your software content to the translation management system. These include our powerful Flex API, Beebox connectors, and hot folders, which are an elegant, simple solution that works for most GIT projects.

Eliminate the chaos of having numerous content streams for localization by integrating Wordbee with your content management systems, corporate websites, digital asset management systems, and documentation systems.


Terminology & glossaries

The best software teams have solid term bases to make sure their UI elements are translated consistently across the application or suite of applications.

Wordbee helps companies set up their term bases and glossaries, which are integrated directly into the CAT tool. Because Wordbee is a cloud-based system, your linguists have instant access to these centralized resources (depending on user permissions), and any matches in the source content are visible to the translators.

Workflow automation

In Wordbee, all the major steps in localization can be automated or semi-automated—financial management, job assignments, workflow kickoffs, and more.

This is the automation that keeps you localizing continuously: you may have thousands of jobs that consist of a few strings each. Wordbee’s automation makes this seamless for all of your stakeholders.


What our customers say

Head of Design and Content

"Wordbee enables us to add consistency to our translations, to increase the quality by eliminating errors when updating, and to put our translated content online faster."

Head of Language Services

"Wordbee optimally accompanied and supported Migros to migrate from a server-based infrastructure to a fully scalable cloud infrastructure. The set deadlines were met, and we were able to start on time with the new Wordbee solution."

Founder, Linquake

"With this solution we provide high-quality services to our customers that go beyond a 'good' translation. Due to the technical possibilities, we can also offer the customer added value in the preliminary and subsequent stages of the translations. "

Industries powered by Wordbee

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