Expand Drupal to help localize content at scale

Enterprises rely on Beebox + Drupal to maintain world-class multilingual web presences while reducing budget costs, saving time, and improving their global reach.

Elite tools for the world’s largest brands

Maintaining an elite and localized global presence is easier than you think.

Global content is king

It is important to keep your content up to standard when your brand reaches global market status with Drupal. Beebox helps you to create multilingual content faster and more easily.

Localize your content as fast as you create it

Reduce costs with translation memories. Start your translation projects immediately for dynamic content production in Drupal.

Don't get locked in

Integrating Drupal directly with a localization provider can lock your brand to that single provider. Beebox has the advantage of letting you work with whichever vendor gives you the best service.

Prioritize translation tasks, and reduce development costs

Beebox helps you prioritize translation tasks according to your needs and significantly reduce or even eliminate development costs related to setting up translation memories or connecting to translation suppliers.

Multi-channel solution: not just Drupal

Beebox allows you to gather all your content resources together in one place, even the content that is not stored in Drupal.

Check status, and review reports

You get all the translation reports an enterprise would ever need when Beebox is combined with Wordbee Translator. Scores of valuable business reports and analytics are accessible at any time.

Leverage your translations

Reuse translated segments to save money and maintain control

Know all that's going on

Get visibility, transparency, and control in your translation projects, even when outsourcing to suppliers.

Never pay for the same sentence twice

Beebox allows you to save money by automatically managing content you already translated and controlling costs when working with suppliers.

Live preview

Translators can access a live preview of the web page they are working on, for real in-context editing.


Beebox offers the best security features for the world’s biggest companies

Host your own installation

Beebox can be installed on your site, offering your company the very same on-site security you already enjoy.

Get full control of permissions, roles, and access

Control who does what and when in your Beebox environment.

Reliable additional security features

Beebox offers many technical security features for the most elite companies in the world. Sign up for a trial, and get more information.


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