Power your Adobe AEM localization with seamless workflow management

Creating global and consistent brand knowledge that engages a global audience is not easy to achieve. Enterprises rely on Beebox + AEM to maintain world-class multilingual web presences while reducing budget costs, saving time, and improving their global reach.

All integrations now with live preview

Your project managers, translators, editors, and QA teams can all see an instant preview of your website, software UI, or whatever you are integrating with… and they can even translate within the preview itself. Completely real time, and with perfect string matching, this solution is superior to the “screenshot” kind you find elsewhere.

Reduce your QA burden

Everyone can spot mistakes quicker, at every stage of localization projects, thanks to the live preview and in-context translation. QA teams speed through their reviews.

Write better translations

Seeing the translation in context is everything to companies who care about quality. You’ll get a better text that is closer to the ultimate local experience this way.

The missing piece in your workflow

Maybe you have a TMS solution already, with workflows, translators, and a QA team. The piece of the puzzle that you’re missing is true in-context editing. That’s where we come in!

Elite tools for the world’s largest brands

Adobe AEM localization and global brand management is easier than you think.

How it works

Beebox integrates with your AEM system. From there, it manages your translation memory and exact matches and produces perfect .xliff files that can be routed to providers or other TMS solutions.

Multilingual content is king

Brands targeting global markets with Adobe AEM can encounter difficulties in keeping content up to standard. Beebox helps create multilingual content easier and more efficiently.

Be independent

Integrating AEM directly with a localization provider can mean your business gets stuck with one supplier. Beebox gives you the freedom to be independent and work with whichever provider offers you the best service.

Reduce development costs

Beebox helps you to reduce significantly or even cut out development costs related to setting up translation memories or connecting with translation providers.

Multi-channel solution—not just AEM

Beebox allows you to place all your content sources in one place, even content that is not stored in AEM or that requires customized development.

Status reports

You get all the translation reports an enterprise would ever need when Beebox is combined with Wordbee Translator. Scores of valuable business reports and analytics are accessible at any time.

Leverage your translations

Save money and maintain control of your translation projects

Know all that's going on

Get visibility, transparency, and control in your translation projects, even when subcontracting to suppliers.

Never pay for the same sentence twice

Beebox automatically reuses content you’ve already translated and controls costs when working with vendors.

In-context preview

Translators can access a live preview of the web page they are working on, for real in-context editing.

Free trial

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