Connect Adobe AEM to powerful localization tools

Adobe AEM customers depend on Beebox and Wordbee to power the localization of their site.

Features of our Adobe AEM Beebox connector

Live preview of your website

Easy setup

Exact matches & repetitions

Batch & project preparation

Custom publishing configurations


Rui Milheiro, Hogarth Worldwide

“Wordbee has a lot of features that really stand out against other TMS systems on the market. You have a lot of power to customize the solution to pretty much any way of working that you need.”

Connect Adobe AEM sites to Wordbee

Adobe AEM is one of the premier CMS/DMS systems. It is fast, powerful, and comprehensive for large organizations. Wordbee has the power to match the needs of AEM customers.

Beebox connects your AEM site to Wordbee, which is an all-in-one TMS and CAT tool which helps you benefit from centralized translation memory, collaboration, projects, terminology management, and more. It has the power that AEM customers require.

Wordbee is chosen by governments, banks, public institutions, and companies in regulated sectors. If security is important to you, Wordbee is a responsible choice.


How the Adobe AEM connector works

Adobe AEM connects to Beebox entirely via API

Adobe AEM connects to Beebox exclusively via web services. This means that you can send and receive content for localization easily and publish with a single click.

Apply translation memory directly in Beebox

Beebox has its own translation memory which gives you control over your discounts. Beebox handles exact matches, repetitions, and enables live preview for websites, and it allows you to assign the work directly to your third-party vendors. Beebox can connect to any TMS.

Sends content to Wordbee for localization

Beebox sends your content to Wordbee (or other tools) for translation. The translation can be performed in the normal CAT Tool or by using Beebox’s Live Preview and in-context editing. Depending on your configurations, you can automatically and conditionally kick off jobs and even translation assignments. And in Wordbee, you can manage your terminology, provider invoices, and much more.

Publish content back to Drupal via API

When jobs are closed and your content is localized, Wordbee pushes your content back to Adobe AEM. You can setup your own publishing workflows to meet your requirements.

Additional features for Adobe AEM customers

Beebox provides a wide-array of benefits and features for Adobe AEM customers. This is just a selection.

Integrates with Adobe AEM via API

Beebox supports all Adobe AEM content including pages, titles, meta tags, and all other important AEM content types.

Live preview and in-context editing

Context is the best way to improve the quality of your translations and reduce workflow steps in testing. Wordbee has best-in-class live preview and in-context editing.

Multiple source languages

Drupal customers run large sites, and may have multiple source languages. Beebox supports this together with a variety of powerful workflows.

Automatically track new source content or changes

Using Beebox, you can automatically track and send new content or content changes to Beebox for localization, making sure that your AEM site is always up-to-date.

Isolates HTML Markup

Beebox isolates HTML Markup to prevent against human error that may affect the formatting of your content.

Generate cost previews

Especially for LSPs, Beebox allows you to automatically generate a cost preview for your clients so they can see how much localization will cost based on your pricing rules.

Track your projects

Beebox makes it easy to track the status of all of your current projects.

No manual export

Absolutely no manual export or import of translation files required. All jobs are completed using web services.

Connect your preferred vendors

Beebox gives you freedom. Work with your preferred vendors, in-house teams, or TMS.


How the Wordbee vision impacted these clients


Vittoria Ceccarini, Sanitas

The solution is ideal for translators, agencies and internal language services who demand a high degree of workflow personalisation.


Rui Milheiro, Hogarth Worldwide

“Having [ . . . ] a system that has all the features and functionality a company like Hogarth requires isn’t easy, but Wordbee manages to deliver.”


Peter Argondizzo, Argo Translation

We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee has been great.

Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

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