Benefits of Supplier Groups in Wordbee Translator

by | May 28, 2019

Wordbee Translator was specially conceived to back up mid- to large-scale multi-vendor management and to provide easy, go-to-market strategies. Suppliers are a crucial part of any business, and hence, managing suppliers throughout their life cycle and engaging in top-notch supplier relationship management is one of the top priorities to increase revenue growth.

In Wordbee Translator, group sourcing allows you to create your own groups with the translators you trust and assign a task to an entire group. Translators can work simultaneously on the same document in real time, helping you deliver a high-quality translation faster. This means that your freelance capacity will increase because you will can maximize their time.

Creating supplier groups

Supplier groups are used to group multiple suppliers in the system based on their experience and skill set for sending job openings. To use this option, you must create at least one supplier group and add each applicable supplier to that group.

Once you’ve done that, you may send a job to groups of suppliers and the first supplier to accept the job gets it. This ensures that unqualified suppliers are not sent the job opening and speeds up the job assignment process.

Managing supplier groups

In Wordbee Translator, a supplier is a person or company who provides a service to a customer for the realization of a project. This includes an individual who performs translations or other tasks as well as agencies or other companies who offer their services to clients. In other words, suppliers can be part of your in-house team or external vendors (freelance translators, translation agencies, corporations, etc.).

Types of suppliers

In Wordbee Translator you can find two types of supplier users:

  • In-house suppliers are all the users registered in the team as the administrator of the platform. They are all listed under “My Company,” which is also highlighted with the icon in the supplier screen.
  • External suppliers are all users registered in external companies, which can be formed by one or several individuals. Depending on the size of their business, you will label them as freelancers (single user), agency, corporation, etc. 

Learn how to manage supplier companies and their external logins here.

Managing dynamic supplier groups

Wordbee Translator allows you to create supplier groups based on filters like the translation domain of suppliers, their type (freelancers, agency…), custom field values, labels, etc. Depending on the filters applied, the system will add to the group all relevant suppliers. And as for static groups, suppliers’ language pairs are not taken into account. If the group is assigned a job, depending on the language combination, the system will only send notifications to the right suppliers in the group.

You can find more regarding supplier groups on our documentation page.

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