Automate your translation process with the Kentico Beebox connector

by | Jun 13, 2019

We’re back again with our series of articles around content management systems (CMS) and Wordbee connectors!

This time around, we’re gonna talk about Kentico and Kentico Localization. For a feature-rich, scalable CMS with great development support, it’s hard to beat Kentico CMS. So why is it different from other CMSs on the market.

Kentico CMS is loved not just by web developers, but also by marketing experts. One of Kentico’s best features is its built-in marketing capability, which means marketing peoples can enjoy a smooth user experience as they go about their day-to-day work.

The marketing and campaign management solutions are fully integrated within the CMS, and enable to marketers to optimize directly in the system source leads, content, and campaigns they create through in-depth analysis.

The Wordbee Beebox connector designed for Kentico makes translating content more efficient and user-friendly. The connector can be used to filter and select content for translation, send content to your team or supplier, receive finished translations, and update them in Kentico websites with one click.

Features overview

The Beebox + Kentico connector allows you to reduce your budget costs and project management time with the help of the translation memory, then immediately start your translation for the production of the content without any interruptions in the Kentico CMS.

  • Translation review and editing: Preview and approve translations prior to publishing updated content inside Kentico. They can also be rejected and resent for translation, if necessary.
  • Translation cost optimization: This feature automatically identifies if a sentence or paragraph has been translated in the past. If so, the system reuses past translations and does not send that content to your translation provider. The system also automatically identifies repeating sentences and paragraphs within new content and sends these only once for translation. If your site has been translated already, you can have your existing translations aligned and submitted to your translation team for approval for future use.
  • Don’t get stuck with the same provider: Beebox keeps your freedom by letting you choose the provider that offers you the best possible service. The system lets you connect each instance of a Kentico site to a different translation team or provider.
  • Localize as fast as you create: Extends the existing translation capabilities of Kentico for maximum compatibility and isolates the HTML markup to protect against unintentional tampering.

Compatibility and integration

The Beebox connector is compatible with Kentico CMS versions 8.x, 10 and 11 and it automatically updates/creates translated content.

The connector is part of the regular Kentico package and is installed using the “Import site and objects” functionality in Kentico.

The connector connects to the Beebox middleware using the HTTP protocol. The Beebox server may be installed at the Kentico site owner’s premises, a Kentico web agency or at a language service provider. A single Beebox server can connect any number of content management systems with any number of TMSes or translation teams. Wordbee can provide a list of LSPs who already operate a Beebox server.

Both connectors and Beebox are off-the-shelf products. Installation and configuration support can be provided by Wordbee upon request.

Please check this page to learn how to install the Beebox connector for Kentico.

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