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by | May 8, 2019

Unlike other Open Source CMS’s in the market, TYPO3 is a feature-complete Enterprise Web Content Management System, best suited for international companies and mostly used to link ERP- and CRM-systems, in order to integrate existing content in business-relevant processes.

Today’s demands for content are unparalleled, and brands need more efficient ways of creating content. That’s where translation integration comes in. We’ve developed the TYPO3 Localization connector to streamline your content creation process.

Wordbee’s Beebox completely changes the traditional model for managing your TYPO3 multilingual websites. It is no longer necessary to send source files to the translation providers or manage multiple language versions of a website. It is the perfect automated solution for both continuously updated content and high-volume projects that require a quick turnaround time.

Features overview

Manage translations with Beebox + TYPO3 to produce multilingual content, save time and eliminate copy-paste errors. Reach the highest level of productivity and quality with this flexible, scalable and customizable tool for Web Content Management.

  • Stop worrying about developer costs - Beebox is a great solution to reduce or eliminate costs related to development.
  • Multi-channel solution: not just TYPO3 - You may have content that is not related to TYPO3.
  • Supports multiple translation workflows at the same time - Multiple LSPs, machine translation, content dependent processes…
  • Absolutely no manual export or import of translation files required –  All jobs are completed using web services.
  • Easy connection - Connects to your preferred translation service providers, in-house teams or TMS.
  • Customizable TYPO3 templates - Use regular TYPO3 templates to customize translatable fields, including your own custom fields.

Translation cost optimization

With Wordbee you can automatically identify if a sentence or paragraph had been translated in the past, reusing those past translations without sending the content again for translation. It also helps you automatically identify repeating sentences and paragraphs in content marked for translation and sends these once for translation. This may lead to an overall translation volume reduction of 20% or more. Your translation provider receives unique content only (option). If your site is already translated, you can have your existing translations aligned and submitted to your translation team for approval and inclusion in your translation memory.

Compatibility and Integration

The Beebox plugin works with TYPO3 versions 6.2, 7.x and 8.x.  and requires PHP 5.5 or later.

The Connector is a regular TYPO3 plugin. The plugin is added to the user interface to let you select content for translation, manage translation jobs and review content.

The Connector then talks to the Beebox middleware using the HTTP protocol. The Beebox server is installed at the TYPO3 site-owner’s premises, at a TYPO3 integrator’s or with a language service provider. A single Beebox server can connect any number of content management systems with any number of TMSes - or translation teams. Wordbee can provide a list of LSPs who already operate a Beebox server.

Both Beebox Connector for TYPO3 and Beebox are off-the-shelf products. Installation and configuration support can be provided by Wordbee upon request.

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