JAWS for InDesign

Synchronized DTP

Like magic, a totally new way of localizing InDesign files: synchronization between Source, DTP, and Translation enables simultaneous collaboration.

The story

The Old Way

A big mess. InDesign creators waited for translation to finish. Translators waited for the creators to finish. DTP waited for both InDesign and Translation to finish. Making layout or content changes mid-stream was next to impossible.

The New Way

InDesign creators commit their source file for DTP and translation at any time, even before it’s finished. Translators get a feed of content in and produce a feed of content out. The child DTP InDesign file is synced with the source file, so DTP can work while other operations are still underway.



Individual InDesign objects and their properties are synced with the DTP file and the translation system. The DTP team can “unlink” this sync for individual objects as required.

Jaws is an Adobe InDesign plugin that connects your InDesign file to a) translation and b) child DTP documents via the Jaws server.When the InDesign source file creator commits the file, a child InDesign file is created for the target language. The Jaws server synchronizes every object and its properties from the source InDesign file to the target InDesign file, including layout, images, margins, fonts, texts… anything you do with InDesign. The source text is fed into the translation system for the translator.

The translated text is fed directly into the DTP file, preserving formatting, and also featuring translation memory, terminology databases, quality assurance tools, translator database, and project / invoice management. DTP can layout the target document as the translations flow in, and as more changes are commited from the source InDesign file. The source file creator can commit revisions on an ongoing basis, which are instantly fed to the child DTP document and the translation system.

Let’s see the results of

Start DTP and translation work even before the master file is finalized.

Handle last-minute and ongoing changes with ease.

Significantly reduce manual work of target DTP team.

Synchronized publishing cuts weeks off your timeline.

Never copy/paste translation again.

Keep moving and stop waiting around for things.

Simply put…

Make changes at any time

Typesetters can make layout and text changes at any time. They can push them directly to the target language DTP file and to the Translators.

Instant feed of content

Translators get an instant feed of content to translate, and produce a feed of localized text straight to DTP.

DTP working alongside

DTP can get started early in the new process, reduce manual work, and publish ahead of schedule.




DTP at the LSP


The latest magazine is missing half the articles and the whole thing has to be translated into French in just 2 weeks.

John installs JAWS, sets his file as the master, and commits the file. Phew! They are going to make the deadline!

John is chasing the missing articles and images.

John adds three articles to the Master file, some new images and layouts, and commits.

John adds some new photography to an article and commits. It’s finished!

Except it’s not finished! John’s team wants several last-minute changes! John commits all the changes in the master.

Brian gets the content to translate when John commits. He starts translating all the content and makes great progress,

Mary’s French InDesign file is connected to Jaws. She gets John’s commit and Bryan’s translations automatically piped into her Design file. She starts working.

Mary and Bryan get the text and InDesign changes and start working on them.

Mary gets the commit and checks out the new photos. Not many changes are required.

Mary replaces several images to make it better for the French market while Brian finishes.

Brian finished the translation!

Brian only has to translate the changes. Jaws helps him and it itakes 10 minutes.

Mary reviews the final commit in Jaws, adjusts some layout, and The Magazine is ready to publish in French!

A job well done!

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