Wordbee Announces Certification and E-learning Program

by | Jun 10, 2019

Luxembourg, June 2019

Wordbee, the popular translation management system, is pleased to announce its new e-learning and certification program for clients and their translators, developed in conjunction with Wordcraft International. The program is called Wordbee Academy.

Wordcraft Director Andre Hemker described the problem they are trying to solve, “Localization technology is unique in that you may have thousands of external translators using your CAT tools or project management features, but how well they know your platform or how good they are at using software in general varies from person to person. From observing our own translators, as well as external translators, CAT tools are too often used as glorified spreadsheets.”

Every day, 12,000 users login to use Wordbee to perform translations. Wordbee clients range from large enterprises like Air France to smaller businesses around the globe. The new e-learning and certification program should help close the knowledge gap between client and translator, which has several benefits including efficiency, productivity, quality, and the ability to deliver more services.

The e-learning courses contain more than 90 units, covering both basic functionality and advanced functionality of the Wordbee ecosystem for translators, and include quizzes and official certification testing. The training is gamified to keep it fun and interesting along the way.

“We’ve been a client for a long time, and we realized that we had everything you need to create a first-class e-learning experience. We had the audio-visual knowledge and resources, experience in teaching methodologies via our language school, and an in-depth knowledge of localization and Wordbee. And we knew this was a big opportunity for us, Wordbee, and their clients,” Andre said.

Wordbee CTO Stephan Bohmig remarked, “Wordbee has some really advanced solutions and it helps when everyone is on the same page. This training should help organizations make the most out of their Wordbee platforms.”


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