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Wordbee Translator can automate quoting and invoicing

The best-kept secret in the localization industry.

Hogarth Worldwide

Hogarth Worldwide is a global marketing firm that uses Wordbee translator to provide outstanding localization services to their clients.

Reliability First

Wordbee Beebox is a middleware that connects numerous CMS systems to the TMS or provider of your choice. When paired with Wordbee Translator, live preview and in-context translation is enabled.

Anna Richards

Anna Richards tackles localization challenges in the life sciences (when she isn't traveling the world) as a member of Vitaccess - a Wordbee client. She joins us to discuss cognitive debriefing and share her stories.

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Wordbee Flex API

Revolutionizing dynamic localization

Achieve continuous translation during the creation and updating of your assets. Our revolutionary Flex API deals in strings, not files, and integrates your content management systems, GIT repositories, databases, and other content sources with Wordbee Translator.

TermBase eXchange (TBX) v3

The best-known standard for exchanging term data in a structured way is the TermBase eXchange (TBX) framework.

Wordbee Translator supports all three versions of TBX and all public standard varieties (dialects) of version 3.


Anna Richards,
Linguistic QA Specialist

Anna Richards is an LQA Specialist at Vitaccess, a Wordbee client in the life sciences industry.

She visited the International Buzz podcast to discuss cognitive debriefing and recount some anecdotes she has collected along the way.

The journey of
Argo Translation

“We have done really amazing integration work through the API and are very thankful for all of the support we get from the team. Wordbee has been great.“

Wordbee all-round features

Reaching global markets means you need to get your translation management together. 

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