Wordbee Announces New Terminology Management Solution

by | Jul 18, 2019

And it’s beautiful.

To kick-off the terminology management solution, we have a double webinar in September! First, a panel discussion about strategies for getting started with terminology management, followed by a demo of the new solution. Sign up here!

Luxembourg, July 2019

Wordbee is pleased to announce the release of their Terminology Management Solution or term base. The term base is compliant with TBX 3.0 and integrates seamlessly with Wordbee’s project management, invoicing, CAT Tool, and linguistic resources management modules.

“We wanted to design a solution that would do everything you expect a terminology system to do, but in a way that made it feel lightweight,” Stephan Böhmig, CTO of Wordbee said. “Terminology is a challenge for enterprises, LSPs, and translators. We want to enable our customers.”

Wordbee terminology supports TBX 3.0, labels and statuses, multiple import options, custom fields and images, side-by-side editing, roles and permissions, and is easily deployed in Wordbee’s cloud system.

Wordbee Client Project Manager Sara Méndez said, “You can easily see why enterprises are choosing Wordbee’s cloud architecture. We have a brand new, super powerful terminology system and it can be deployed to your existing Wordbee deployment in one click. Et voilà.”

Wordbee also makes data modeling easy. It comes pre-configured with basic fields, but it’s easy to add custom fields or any fields supported by TBX 3.0. Sara commented, “For some organizations, data modeling is quite a challenge. Our goal was to let them get their terminology any way they want it, without getting in the way.”

Previously, Wordbee customers were aided by a glossary system which is still available for all Wordbee customers. Sara remarked, “The glossary system was lightweight and practical. Until now, it has supported some of the world’s largest companies. Our new Terminology Management solution is a major upgrade, but customers who need something simple can still use glossaries.”

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