6 ways SEO translation can increase your sales

by | Apr 18, 2018

In part 1 of this series, we talked about who needs SEO translation. In part 2, we discussed the basic components of SEO translation. In this part, No. 3, we take on the six primary benefits of SEO translation for your users. By the way, if you’re managing large quantities of content, and you want to translate it, Wordbee Translator is a great system for managing translations. Sign up for a trial, let us know that SEO is important to you, and we’ll reach out to help.

An SEO translator is a rare online creature that has mastered the art of language but also the mysterious ways of search engine optimization. It’s what will help make your business approachable and visible in the global digital world.

By visible, we’re talking about economically fruitful; by economically fruitful, we mean that your sales will go up; and by sales going up, we mean that the investment will pay off.

How does SEO translation increase your sales and make this wonderful picture possible?

Here are 6 ways SEO translation can make that happen:

1. Get found by using the right keywords
People all over the world are searching for your services or products in search engines, and they conduct these searches using specific words. These relevant words, or keywords, vary from country to country. Consequently, if you want your customers to find you, you must do your research and use the correct terms that are used in the location you’re trying to target. By contrast, translating without using the right keywords might mean missing out on potential business. Remember that keywords are at the heart of your content and are vital not only in the eyes of your clients, but also in the eyes of search engines. Having great content in the local language that uses the right keywords will make you appear in the top positions of any search engine.

2. Communicate effectively
SEO translation has the perfect formula to achieve effective communication with your international audience in their own language. People only buy what they can understand, so adapting and optimizing your content is the best move. Taking this into consideration guarantees that your customers understand what you’re offering. This will help you convert more and, in turn, sell more.

Moreover, especially if you are in the b2b field, using keywords effectively is often a visible indicator to potential customers that you know what you are doing, making them more likely to consider your product.

3. Improve the user experience
Making yourself visible and communicating effectively will lead you to provide a better user experience. Besides making you more visible and closer to your audience, SEO translation can boost your sales by improving your customer satisfaction and trust with your brand.

Studies show that people want to consume goods and services in their own language, and they’ll be happier customers if you can offer that to them.

4. Convert more traffic into customers
When people make a web search, like on Google, they’re looking for something in particular. If you offer the thing they’re looking for, then you have a very good lead. Of all the ways you can attract traffic, organic search results are the most natural. They’re the most relevant. And they’re the most likely to convert customers. Which is to say that search engine optimized translation brings quality traffic to your website. This is true because, by translating your website properly and using the language that is used locally, you’re drawing the attention of potential clients with real needs in a very natural way.

5. Obtain higher CTR rates
The first text that we see when performing a web search of a certain product are the titles and the meta descriptions. An appealing translation using correct local keywords and providing relevant information, while maintaining a proper length will make your website stand out from the rest and, as a result, will improve the click-through rate (CTR). It’s currently thought that your CTR also influences your organic search position. Get your SEO translation right, and you may enjoy both a better CTR and a better position in a search engine list. Get your translation wrong, and you may suffer from a worse CTR and drop several spots in the rankings.

6. Use your analytics to improve
If you can measure it, you can improve it. SEO is an ongoing process and because of this, SEO translation will allow you to correctly analyze the results of all the work you’ve done from a local perspective. A personalized view will allow you to modify the aspects that aren’t improving your website SEO over time.

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