How Asia's leading translation agency implemented our translation management system

And suddenly everything was better.

Asia’s leading translation agency grows with Wordbee’s translation project management tools

Meet Elite Translations Asia

Elite Asia is a language and communications agency with expertise in translation, transcription, interpretation, copywriting, and linguistic corporate training. Founded in 2006, its headquarters are in Singapore and has at present expanded in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and South Korea. Elite Asia provides translation, localization as well as digital marketing services. Their mission is to become a company which not just translates but uses language and communication strategies to help their clients grow; so besides translation, they offer SEO localization, multilingual copywriting, and proofreading services. Elite Asia manages a huge number of translation projects daily. To handle them, it has created a network of in-house translators as well as freelancers and consultants. Liaising with many people and monitoring their progress was time consuming and stalling the projects.  Therefore, an effective TMS was necessary. After 6 months of comparing translation management tools, Elite Asia chose Wordbee Translator to meet its growing needs.

A solution for growth

Wordbee is developing advanced online and offline translation management tools with unique project management features. Elite Asia chose Wordbee Translator, the sophisticated cloud based translation and project management platform because it not only enables Language Service Providers (LSPs) and companies to effectively manage the entire translation project workflow but provides seamless collaboration between translators, vendors, and clients. After 6 months of comparing translation management tools, Elite Asia chose Wordbee Translator to meet its growing needs. The multi-role capabilities, the quick-adoption, and the user-friendly environment of Wordbee tools gave Elite’s team flexibility and control over complex translation projects. After deploying Wordbee’s online CAT-tool, Elite’s teams can translate, proofread, validate, and back-translate faster than ever before and reduce their delivery times by at least 50%.  In addition, thanks to Wordbee’s advanced project management tools the workflow is streamlined, reducing errors or forgotten tasks.

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  • Client: Elite Translations Asia Pte. Ltd.
  • Project type: Elite Asia was in search of the right CAT tool not just to translate but manage the entire translation projects workflow.
  • Scope: Meet its growing demand and accurately control complex translation projects.
  • Recommended Product: Wordbee Translator

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