Translation management for global marketing companies

Find out how one global marketing company, HOGARTH, implemented Wordbee and radically improved their localization processes and customer relationships.

Global marketing agency implements Wordbee Translator

Hogarth Worldwide produces all types of advertising and communications across all media.  This makes the creation of high quality advertising really important because it is the way Hogarth’s clients represent themselves to their customers across channels and geographies. Delivering a consistent and appealing message to international audiences, adds extra layers of complexity itself; Coupled with Hogarth’s constant annual growth, it was difficult for the company to manage multiple customized projects to the different requirements of clients.

Wordbee develops online translation management technology with unique project management features; Wordbee Translator is an advanced translation management system (TMS) with embedded CAT editor and Wordbee Beebox is a translation CMS plugin which connects your content source with translation teams. Before choosing the Wordbee, Hogarth’s localization and translation management spent six months testing every available solution of the market. Wordbee products improved transcreation management of huge content and provided Hogarth with a powerful TMS and CAT tool that adds value to the company’s products.

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  • Client: Hogarth Worldwide
  • Project type: Adopt a scalable TMS and deliver a consistent and appealing campaigns to international audiences.
  • Scope: Manage growth and meet quality & security demands, ensure smooth transition during on-boarding for over 5,000 collaborators


  • Large volumes of quality sensitive translations
  • Content in multiple form
  • Long turnaround times
  • Synchronize existing vocabulary and create technical and judicial validated terms
  • Create top quality content and adhere to strict security policies
  • Quality assurance in translation projects
  • Reduce production times

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