Translation management for the public sector: How Luxembourg implemented Wordbee

Find out how Luxembourg implemented Wordbee to better manage their translations of public documents.

Luxembourg authorities implement the Wordbee Translator for multilingual citizens portal

The linguistic situation in Luxembourg is characterized by the fact that several languages are spoken and written at the same time in the same place. The Luxembourg authorities decided to create an electronic platform ( with the aim to simplify interaction and communication between private companies, citizens and the government by providing quick and easy access to all information and services. The portal for citizens is in French and German and the one for business is in English and French.

Key Objectives

The CTIE wanted to adopt a collaborative approach to handle its translations of legislation, economic reports, administrative forms and the publication on the portal. They were seeking a significant reduction in turnaround time and better quality of translated documents. The project leader wanted to enforce the use of endorsed glossaries with the Language Service Providers.

The Solution

  • The Wordbee Translator Web-based platform allows collaboration, live online TM and glossary availability for the whole team.
  • There is an automatic “push” via the API from the CMS to Wordbee with new content. After the translation is done, Wordbee pushes the texts back to the CMS so that the website can be updated immediately.
  • Wordbee Translator made parallel/simultaneous activities possible resulting in shorter delivery time thus faster publishing on the portal.


The CTIE achieved its goal and became a reference. This was made possible thanks to:

  1. The improvement of the production process of the source language documents as well as the translated documents. The information is posted in a very short period of time and thus the user is notified promptly.
  2. The collaborative process allows writers and translators to be in constant contact during all the production steps. As a result the quality of mono and multilingual content improves every day and the result is a better service to citizens.
  3. The centralization of all multilingual (vocabularies, glossaries …) resources. As a result, the terminology used in different languages remains consistent and clear for users.

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  • Client: Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat (CTIE)
  • Project type: Provide multilingual services to citizens for every sector
  • Scope: Synchronize multilingual resources for consistent and validated terminology understood by every citizen, handle translations with shorter turnaround times and improved quality, automate workflow and inter-connectivity with existing CMS.

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