How Creative Translation deployed Wordbee for a one-million word project in just two weeks

And totally succeeded.

A one-million word translation project and no time to lose. What to do?


Wordbee’s Elliot Nedas teamed up with Creative Translation, a translation agency specialised in marketing and advertising, to enable them to successfully complete the near impossible task of kicking off a multi-language, one-million word project in one week. Together with Aleksandra Zuliani (Creative Translation), he explained the process and challenges in a Gala webinar at the outset of February (to see the webinar, please visit

Creative translation was asked to re-write and edit an entire website and a brand history book for one of their clients, and to set up teams of linguists for 9 languages, who had to translate up to 150.000 words per language within a limited timeframe. With the help of a dedicated Wordbee support team and the Wordbee Translation Environment Tool, Creative Translation was able to swiftly process the reference material that had been supplied in various formats and at different times, and turn it into a workable Translation Memory (TM) for the translators. After this, the project managers were able to assign files and tasks simultaneously to the linguists for all languages, so that a timely delivery of extremely large workloads was guaranteed.

Ms. Zuliani explained that even though Wordbee Translator was a new tool for both the Project Managers and the linguists, it was very easy to start working with, thanks also to the support functionalities and training offered by the Wordbee Team. She highlighted that the tool is easy to use and to customise, and hence to integrate in the existing workflows. She added that the safe cloud storage is particularly important, both in terms of confidentiality and accessibility.

Wordbee Translator offers a complete Translation Management Solution, even for challenging projects such as this one. Codyt, Continuous Dynamic Translations, has proven to be of quintessential importance, as it has enabled the automation of the translation workflow, the timely management of this vast project, and the correct delivery of all translations required.

  • Client: Creative Translation
  • Project type: multi-language, one-million word project in one week
  • Scope: teams of linguists for 9 languages, 150.000 words per language

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