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How we helped Kabam

Kabam Games, a large, San Francisco-headquartered online game developer, was sending out everything in Excel spreadsheets when they first got started with localization. Until it got to a point where it became confusing and inefficient, and they decided to look for a better solution. That’s when they found Wordbee.

With a team of dedicated localization professionals, Wordbee helped Kabam figure out what their challenges and needs were. Our translation management system came with the flexibility, scalability, and customization capabilities that the game developer required.

Deploying Wordbee’s technology allowed Kabam to streamline their processes and save an enormous amount of time making it possible for just one single person to manage a sizable team of in-house translators and project managers, external language service providers and freelancers, translating around 40,000 words per month at any one time in 16 target languages.

Wordbee allows the game company to connect all internal and external resources, add new accounts when needed, automate job assignments to reduce the number of repeated, manual tasks and share any type of reference material.

Note: Kabam Games was acquired by Netmarble in 2016.

“Wordbee provided seamless integration of the digital files in our systems with formats that most translators can immediately use. Content goes out to the translators easily, and the translations are imported back once it is done. Whatever we were using that they didn’t already have, they were able to come up with a customized solution for us very quickly. We were consistently impressed by their responsiveness and speed in customer support.”

Aline Müller

Senior Localization Director, Kabam Games

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Challenges of Games Localization

And how Wordbee helps solving them.

Gaming has become a massive global industry, readily available simply through a smartphone. To bring a game to life amongst players across the world is a challenge that goes far beyond linguistics. Games are published and upgraded under very tight time constraints, especially for games published as mobile apps or on social platforms. The localization process is often given little thought and planning - it just has to be fast.

In addition, user interface design complications require that your development team has a certain level of experience creating multilingual games, and you should consider involving experienced localization managers in the UI design process right from the start to avoid costly revisions later. Wordbee preempts this by allowing users to set maximum or minimum text length in characters or as a percentage of the source text.

No matter how tight the deadline and budget are, context must be properly provided to the translator instead of just the source text in order to guarantee a proper translation. In Wordbee’s translation editor you have the option to display a third column showing contextual information next to source and target language, saving translators lots of time and improving the overall quality of translation.

Using a pay-as-you-go online platform like Wordbee Translator for managing the entire workflow of localizing your games saves time and facilitates automated turnarounds.

Features the games industry loves

Wordbee Translator meets your very specific needs

Multi-column editor v.s. multilingual Excel

Show contextual information, images, IDs, links, or other useful info right in your Wordbee multicolumn editor.

Superior management

Games localization, perhaps more than any other field, has in-depth workflows and needs. That’s why one of the world’s largest games makers chooses Wordbee.

Automatic projects

Management of games projects can be largely automated. At least the parts that don’t require special intervention according to your workflows.

Machine translation

Use machine translation together with people to save money. Incorporate it in the way that best meets your gaming needs.

Character limits

Set maximum or minimum text length in characters or as a percentage of the source text.

Consistency with terminology

Consistency is a key point for global brands. Wordbee has tools specifically designed for your branding and localization team.

Save money with translation memory

Never pay for the same sentence twice.

Multi-column translation editor

Let translators display contextual information next to source and target language for better translation.

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Sarah Beuter, Gameforge

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Artur Foxander, Paradox Interactive

Senior QA Manager

Aline Müller, Wordbee/Organisational Consultant

Game Localization Expert

Daniel Finck, Independent Consultant

Solutions Architect at Loquatics Consulting

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