Translators can look up and search for terms in all the termbases that the project manager has enabled for the project. Live term matches are proposed in Translation Finder, and interactively, while the translator is typing the translation. You can use the pre-translation batch function to insert the term matches automatically into the target segments. A minimum threshold can be set up to find term matches in the termbases attached to the project.  The matching algorithm is fuzzy-based and supports single and multi-word term(s). The term matches are sorted by relevance.

Translators can add new entries, edit, annotate or delete terms during linguistic work if they have sufficient access rights. Interactive terminology discussions and notifications are possible at the segment and document level via the commenting feature in the Timeline. Automatic QA checks can be run at any time during translation to flag terminology inconsistencies or forbidden terms. The project manager can make the terminology QA checks mandatory to prevent linguists from submitting jobs with errors.

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