To keep your termbases clean and up to date, you need to perform certain maintenance actions on a regular basis. In Wordbee, you can use several features to maintain your terminology assets. For example, the search and advanced filters help you detect missing translations so that you can complete the entries. Status labels can be used to indicate if terms are incorrect, invalid or obsolete. You can delete or purge outdated content. The Purge function allows you to remove only the contents, but keep the database profile for new activities (e.g. consolidation, import, validation of samples etc.). When you want to consolidate term translation into a master terminology database, you can copy the contents in all or selected languages into the desired resource. If you do not want to export the entire database, advanced API methods enable you to export only a collection of segments from a database for analysis or annotation purposes. Finally yet importantly, you can generate maintenance reports to detect quality issues, for example, invalid entries, empty fields, or spelling and grammar errors in text fields.

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