Getting a feeling of how your original or final document looks like in its final appearance is something that may help you evaluate if the text meets its purpose. The preview feature is available for every file type Wordbee supports, including InDesign and MS Office files. Moreover, some file formats like HTML, allow for a rich preview with custom CSS, so the look and feel of your files is just as on the website where the texts will be published. In practice, translators will use the preview feature to get an idea of how the text will work in its original formatting and page structure. This applies to the original document and the translation. Analyzing the text composition and its layout can reveal issues in the source or target documents, which can be corrected right away or reported to the right team. All teams will work to meet the expectations of the client. You can use the preview function to generate an online or offline impression of the file, for the convenience of users who like to make their final revisions in an external environment. The offline preview is download based, generating a file in the original format of the document or, in some specific cases, in a PDF printout.

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