Work offline using user-friendly Word or Excel templates. They provide users the necessary information to perform a job and allow them to work offline. Templates are bilingual, they show source and target texts for easy verification of contents. You can adapt the layout to include more details in the file if required. For example, you may want to include a column for comments or status gather information and update the segments once you update the document back to the system. These templates are a major benefit when collecting feedback from clients who need to sign-off texts before being published. Once they have done their work offline, users can import the templates back online. The system will update the segments, texts, statuses, and comments. As a result, you have the last version of your translation back in the online translation editor, with all feedback integrated. Since everything is documented, it is easy to trace and read the changes that happen in the decision-chain. You will keep the bilingual files as a copy of the work done, and the Editor will show the current version of the file to the next person responsible to take the task over. Offline Word or Excel templates are useful for translation when working with limited internet access. Word templates also allow users to work with third-party proofreading tools.

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