Software localization methodologies panel discussion

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Webinar overview

Is agile localization really a thing? How should you prepare your code? What should be done early to prevent workarounds and mistakes? What is the role of translation tools in your process? How do you manage your team of translators, and do you have a dedicated localization PM? When should you outsource to a language service provider?
Our panel of experts discuss these questions and more, with the goal of making your localization processes smarter, your application better, and hopefully stopping your hair from falling out when shipping localized applications.

Time and date

  • June 14th, 8pm - 9pm CEST || 11am - 12pm PDT
  • Free registration

Topics covered

  • How to prepare your software for effortless localization
  • Role of localization tools
  • Efficient management of translators
  • Outsourcing vs. in-house translation
  • And more

The Panelists

Brock Hansen:
Localization Manager at InEight

Mauricio Espinosa:
Localization Manager at JDA Software

Igor Afanasyev:
Director of Localization at Evernote

Hanna Kanabiajeuskaja:
Internationalization Product Manager at Uber

Eva Gross:
Head of Localization at Stripe


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