The Unique Approach of Life Sciences in the Localization Industry

Learn from our panelists about managing communications, terminology, and localization regarding clinical trials, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), terminology management, processes, and the challenge of building up medical translators teams and coping with regulations.

 Wed, Jan 16, 2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET

Guest panelists

We are building this event as we speak. If you think you’d be a good panelist for this event, reach out to us on Twitter or

In her current role Ronait is responsible for developing and implementing custom localization programs for clients, overall client satisfaction, and day-to-day office operations. She started her localization career 15 years ago in California, but has returned to Europe six years ago & is now based in Switzerland.

Ronait Tynan

Program Manager, RWS Life Sciences

Gabriele is on a lifelong mission to consult and help companies with their terminology management issues. She does primarily via TermNet, an international organization dedicated to terminology. She has helped several companies in the life sciences/medical industry in the past.

Gabriele Sauberer

Director, International Network for Terminology

David has been working in the Life Sciences industry on the communications side and also with translations. He is currently the Founder of Lay Summaries, a company dedicated to the creation and translation of lay summaries.

David McMinn

Director, Lay Summaries

Olga is the Director of Preference P.R.O., dedicated to different types of medical localization, especially Patient Reported Outcomes and clinical trials. 

Olga Sheinina

Director, Preference P.R.O.

Mladen is the Director of Ciklopedia, which works in the medical industry including devices, pharma, and several other areas. He focuses on building the right processes for the right focus.

Mladen Stojak

Managing Director, Ciklopea

Our event partners

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