Games Localization Wishlist: What games companies wish they could do

So much has been achieved in a relatively short period of time in games localization, yet the task is hardly over with. What remains to be achieved in games localization? What technologies are still missing? What processes are ripe for improvement? In this ideation session, we discuss the games loc wishlist with our panelists!

December 11th, 5:00pm to 6:00pm CET

Guest panelists

Adolfo started his career as an English to Spanish translator, and briefly worked as a programmer, before finding his dream job in the video game industry. In 2013, after shipping over a dozen AAA titles at Ubisoft and THQ, Adolfo became the first member of the new WB Games Montreal localization team, which he now leads. He has successfully shipped 80 games and worked with over 50 different studios around the world.

Adolfo Gómez-Urda Montijano

Senior Localization Manager, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Carme is a lecturer and a member of the research group TransMedia Catalonia at the UAB. She has extensive experience as a translator, specializing in software and game localization. Her research interests include game localization, game accessibility, audiovisual translation and accessibility to the media. She has published in international journals and co-authored “Game Localization: Translating for the Global Digital Entertainment Industry”, is one of the editors of “Fun for All: Translation and Accessibility Practices in Video Games” and is the main organizer of the “Fun for All: Translation and Accessibility in Video Games Conference”.

Carme Mangiron

Director of the MA in Audiovisual Translation, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Victor is a senior executive with in-depth knowledge in game localization, international project management, sales and marketing. Having worked at Pink Noise since 2002, Victor has held multiple positions such as project manager, localization consultant, and his current role as director of client services. In addition, he taught game localization at university and is a recognized trainer and speaker.

Victor Alonso Lion

Director of Client Services, Pink Noise

Paul manages the English game writing and localization teams at Social Point, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, in sunny Barcelona. Prior to that, Paul held various positions at Electronic Arts in the UK and Germany, where he most recently managed the worldwide localization of EA’s mobile games portfolio. A keen gamer at heart, Paul started his career as a translator and language tester for console games at Sony Computer Entertainment in (not-so-sunny) Liverpool, before embarking on his European tour of continuous localization awesomeness.

Paul Davies

Head of Localization and Narrative Design, Social Point

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