I18n Workshop Barcelona

February 12, 2020

Wordbee is sponsoring the i18nworkshop in Barcelona

Wordbee is sponsoring and attending the I18n Workshop in Barcelona, organized by Patricia Paladini and Yuka Nakasone and hosted by Cisco Barcelona. The I18n Workshop is an exclusive workshop limited to 32 attendees, and you can register to attend on Eventbrite.

Barcelona is a leading region worldwide for localization and a great city to visit. This workshop is well worth the trip!

Workshop speakers

  • Gary Lefman, CISCO
    Enterprise Continuous Localization
  • István Lengyel, BeLazy
    LSP & Freelance Continuous Localization

  • Konstantin Savenkov, Intento
    Continuous Improvement for AI-Enabled Enterprise Localization

  • Jose Palomares, Coupa
    Return on Investment

  • Yuka Nakasone, GlobalBridge

  • Patricia Paladini Adell, Paladini Global Solutions

About the workshop

The I18n Workshop is organized by Patricia Paladini and Yuka Nakasone with the goal of improving your understanding of several pressing localization and i18n issues:

  • What digitization is and how it affects businesses
  • What continuous delivery is and its variations
  • Why internationalization is important for businesses with digital products
  • What internationalization consists of for digital products
  • How to implement the design phase for internationalization
  • How to implement the development phase for internationalization
  • Requirements and methodologies for internationalization
  • Automation for internationalization
  • End-to-end continuous localization automation

Where and When?

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Dates: February 12th

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