Wordbee User Day 2019 Wrap-Up

by | Jul 30, 2019

Wordbee’s user event on June 13-14, 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal, was again a big success. The event saw the participation of many Wordbee Translator users who networked and exchanged contact information for future collaborations. Last but not least, everyone gained valuable knowledge and skills on Wordbee Translator and Beebox.

Partying and networking

The pre-meeting party was held one day before the actual event and took place at the Sky Bar in Lisbon, which was the perfect opportunity for attendees to meet Wordbee experts, network with other Wordbee Translator and Beebox aficionados, and have a great time.

“I thought the User Day was excellent. It was great to see all the upcoming new features. Really excited to see what’s in the future. It was also really great to meet the team in person who were very accessible and open to discuss our requirements, even when cornered at the bar during the networking event. 🙂 “

“Doing” instead of “watching”!

After CEO José Vega kicked off the event by welcoming participants and giving an overview of Wordbee’s milestones and successes over the past year, we got down to business.

Training is difficult when you are “talking at” people. So this year, Wordbee project manager Andrea Benedetti helped take the sessions to the next level.

Andrea said, “Too often in training, companies tell people what to do. We wanted to have attendees doing it right along with us, so we made interactive sessions with logins to demo sample projects so people could follow along with their own clicks and really get deep into the best practices for the industry.”

Captivating workshops

As part of Wordbee’s mission to give back to the community, our Wordbee and Beebox experts took attendees through the various nooks and crannies of existing and new features and were able to acquire and improve skills regarding the use of Wordbee Translator, such as the CAT editor, project management including workflow selection, job creation, resource selection, invoicing and job proposals.

Wordbee users also had the opportunity to perfect their knowledge about Beebox and gain precious experience on how to implement a localization workflow with the most famous CMSs on the market.

“The Wordbee User Day was a very busy and productive one. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the team and some users, and share some of our challenges. Thanks a lot and I’ll see you next year!”

Exclusive previews of Terminology Management and more

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation from Wordbee CTO Stephan Böhmig, who introduced some recently released features such as terminology management, an updated translation finder, and finally offered some exciting sneak peeks of upcoming features, such as the Wordbee chat.

See you all next year!

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