by | Sep 1, 2017

We planned, we developed, we tested and now it’s finally there! After months of hard work, we are more than happy to announce that our new Translation Editor has just been launched and will be available for all our clients from 21 June on. We want to thank everyone, especially our clients, for waiting so patiently.

The new Editor interface offers multiple customization possibilities, making the work of translators, revisers and proofreaders easier than ever. Its sleek design allows users to edit the segments and perform all operations in a familiar environment, keeping all key features available within a click.

The new widgets and functions of Wordbee’s CAT Editor, like the layout designer and the multicolumn environment, give the user the possibility to individually configure his user interface according to his needs and on top of that even create custom reports. For example, you will be able to work on your translations while displaying additional columns with reviewer comments, modifications or other target languages available in your project, among others. At the same time this means that the user can create his personalized export and import templates which can be used to work on a task offline. The interaction of Wordbee’s cloud solution with other popular desktop CAT-tools has never been easier.

Additionally, various features were added that make our new Translation Editor a flexible and powerful solution for translators and reviewers, like for example:

• Widgets will help users to directly see the most relevant information for their job and allow them to interact with each other throughout the project:

- The Timeline widget is the communication tool for users participating in the project.

- The Translation Finder is the gateway to your linguistic resources and it also allows you to import edited machine translation to local project memories.

- The Properties widget gathers all specific details and instructions given for each segment.

• Read Out Loud capabilities, available for source and target, using the text to speech processor of Internet browsers (currently supported for Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera)

• A Speech to Text recognition (currently supported for Google Chrome and Firefox )

• Improved <TAG> handling and ‘Undo/Redo’ by segment to allow users to recover previous versions of the translation from the segment history.

In the upcoming weeks, new releases will also allow to import files in batches (supported for XLIFF files) and the Smart Assistant will be enhanced providing autocomplete suggestions and performing real-time QA checks. There are so many great new features to explore, you better have a look at our brand-new Translation Editor yourself!

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