Wordbee launches the Sitecore plugin

by | Aug 15, 2017

Wordbee launched the Sitecore CMS plugin for the Beebox, its CMS connectivity solution. It already provides plugins for WordPress, Drupal, EPiServer, Kentico, Joomla! and Adobe Experience Manager, and now the Sitecore plugin is the latest addition. This means that the Wordbee Beebox is the solution with the greatest number of plugins on the market.

Wordbee’s Beebox completely changes the traditional model for managing multilingual websites. It is no longer necessary to send source files to the translation providers or manage multiple versions of a web site. It is the perfect automated solution for both continuously updated content and high-volume projects that require a quick turnaround time.

Wordbee’s Beebox is easy to work with for users without a technical background, and it allows them to configure their translation workflow effortlessly.

Imagine how Wordbee’s language technology connected with your Sitecore environment could remove many manual tasks and reduce your time to market and translation costs.

Sitecore © is a trademark of Sitecore Corporation.

For More information, contact:  Agathe Saunier, Wordbee +352 28771204+352 28771204asaunier@wordbee.com

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