Wordbee Beebox compatible with Sitecore v9

by | Apr 16, 2018

Digital marketers nowadays are oft hurried to deliver personalized customer experiences, but face challenges with isolated data, slow time to market and weak omni-channel delivery options.

The SiteCore v9 CMS has been launched to solve all those problems. The new versionof Sitecore is more powerful, more integrated and smarter than before. It packs a lot of punches and a lot of new features such as data centralization, backwards compatibility and process simplification for marketers and non-Sitecore developers.

Of course, Sitecore v9 CMS is fully compatible with Wordbee products and you will be able to couple it with your Wordbee Translator platform via a dedicated Beebox Connector.

Wordbee Beebox Connector for Sitecore is an user friendly plugin that helps you being more efficient during the content creation process. Making and managing multi-language pages has never been easier !

Like all other Beebox connectors, you will be able to  filter and select items for translation, send content to your translation team or provider, receive finished translations back and have them updated in your Sitecore site with a single click. It is the perfect automated solution for both continuously updated content and high-volume projects that require a quick turnaround time.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a technical background. Wordbee’s Beebox is easy to work with and it allows you to configure your translation workflows effortlessly. Imagine how Wordbee’s language technology connected with your Sitecore v9 environment can help you cut down many of your manual tasks and drastically reduce your time to market, all of it while saving translation costs!


1. Translation review and editing:

  • As a Wordbee Beebox user you can preview and approve translations before updating the production site.
  • The Beebox Connector supports editing of translations directly in Sitecore v9 CMS, with the ability to send those changes to your translation team for linguistic approval.

2. Translation cost optimization:

  • Automatically identifies if a sentence or paragraph has already been translated in the past. The system automatically reuses all past translations and only sends the new contents to your translation provider:
  • Automatically analyses your new contents to identify potential paragraph and sentence repetitions to avoid sending them twice for translation. This may lead to a decrease in overall translation volume of 20% or more. Basically, will be able to define if you want your translation provider to only receive unique content or not.
  • If your site has already been translated, you can have your all existing translations aligned and submitted to your translation team for approval. This will allow you to reuse the contentsin the future.

How does the implementation work?

The Beebox Connector is part of the regular Sitecore package. The package includes a user interface to manage translation jobs. The Connector then communicates to the Beebox middleware using the HTTP protocol.

The Beebox server is installed at the Sitecore owner’s premises, a Sitecore integrator or with a language service provider. A single Beebox server can connect any number of content management systems with any number of TMSes or translation teams. Wordbee can provide a list of LSPs who already operate a Beebox server.

Both Wordbee Connector for Sitecore and Beebox are off-the-shelf products. Installation and configuration support can be provided by Wordbee upon request.

About Wordbee

The Luxembourg-based company Wordbee has developed Wordbee Translator, a Cloud-based collaborative translation and project management platform and Wordbee Beebox, a CMS connectivity solution. Wordbee helps renowned Language Service Providers, public and educational organisations, and global leading companies to implement high-performance translation technology.

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