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by | Sep 12, 2018

“Reports” and “Analytics” have become sort of buzzwords in the business community. Nowadays, project managers have the ability to analyze data for financial data, reports on projects, orders and jobs, and more in order to measure their business success.

Custom Reports and Analytics: Different Teams, Different Needs

One of the most important benefits of Wordbee Translator (WBT) is the ability to customize reports and analytics options for different users. Each company, department, even teams within a department, will have different perspectives on the data. For example, the financial department will be more interested in one set of metrics while the marketing department will want another, and the development team will have their own agenda as well.

The possibility to customize what data is tracked allows your company to make sure you get the most effective data for your customers or internal teams. Flexible reporting lets each team get exactly what they’re looking for without needing to go through mountains of unnecessary data.

Wordbee Translator includes hundreds of reports for operational, financial, and analytical purposes. You have three distinct tools to choose from:

Business Reports

With WBT you have the ability to create comprehensive Excel reports for data onfinance, suppliers, clients, orders, and other things. You can customize these reports yourself using Excel.

What you get:

  • Reports for financial data on suppliers/clients
  • Reports on projects, orders, and jobs
  • See cost and benefit analysis
  • Instant filtering by any field in Excel
  • Customize layout, columns, charts and pivot tables

Additionally, you can add your own customized reports to the system.
Choose the report that contains the type of data you need. Then download the corresponding Excel template and apply your modifications to the layout, columns, and formulas. Maybe you want to add more columns, charts, or some pivot tables. When you’re finished, you can upload your template to the page and your new report is ready for use.

Click here to learn how to customize your reports step by step.

Business Analytics

WBT offers Business Analytics (BA) for you to make data-driven decisions for your company. The insights gained by BA enables you to automate and optimize your business processes. Data-driven companies that use Business Analytics achieve a competitive advantage because they’re able to use insights such as:

  • Suppliers and clients, volume and trends
  • Leveraging rates and trends
  • Operational performance and quality metrics
  • Graphical and tabular views

Export Tools

Most lists in Wordbee Translator include a Print button to export the filtered data. Use it to quickly export projects, suppliers, clients, orders, invoices and jobs to either EXCEL, JSON, or XML. And customize the columns you want to export! Also, the export feature is available to all your users and for all the data they have access to. For example, suppliers can export their jobs as well as their invoices!

Please follow this link if you want to learn more about Reports and Analytics within Wordbee Translator.

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