New machine translation solution completely eliminates the complexity and high-cost of setting up an MT system

by | Aug 15, 2017

MT Hive by Wordbee brings an out of the box solution for enterprise level machine translation – empowering LSPs and companies to build, maintain & train MT engines simply and cost effectively.

Luxembourg, July 2 2013

Prior to MT Hive, integrating machine translation into the translation/localization workflow was a rather complex and sophisticated endeavor.  Enterprise-level MT was the realm of consultants, localization & linguistics experts, and the major corporations with resources available to invest.   Our clients asked for a simpler, turn-key environment where their existing teams & translation memory assets could be integrated with a trainable and robust machine translation engine.

“We accepted the challenge with enthusiasm.” states Stephan Bohmig, Wordbee’s CTO.
“Machine Translation should be attainable – and not just for those organizations who can afford to invest in custom development”  Working closely with one of our North American technology customers, we designed a new module within Wordbee that enables the user several options for managing the MT workflow seamlessly from within the already familiar Wordbee platform.

The MT Hive enables Wordbee customers to generate ‘Instant’ translations using a blend of translation memory matches and MT.  When human quality translations are required, this Instant process is transformed into a Post-Editing process using the familiar Wordbee translation editor, automatically giving editors clear information at the segment level about whether each segment is from the translation memory or MT.  Once a project is completed, the resulting human quality translation can be then used to retrain the client’s engine. It’s a complete cycle, and can be conducted by our customers in-house.

“We’re interested in providing simple alternatives to customer needs.  Wordbee customers can now generate machine translation and/or human quality translation without reliance on 3rd party consultants, integrators or commercial MT providers.  The industry desperately needs to scale, and MT Hive is just right for a large segment of the market.” says José Vega, CEO of Wordbee.

MT Hive integrates out of the box with Microsoft Translator Hub when re-training is required, as well as Google Translate, and Reverso by Softissimo.  Wordbee customers can choose any machine translation provider. That’s important, says Stephan Bohmig.“It’s important because agencies and enterprises want to work with the machine translation provider of their choice. They want to use different providers for different languages, and they don’t want to get locked in with a single provider,” he said.

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