Meet Jean-Marc Mougenot, VP International Sales and Business Development

by | Aug 14, 2017

Hello Jean-Marc. First off, could you introduce Jouve for those who might not know you?

As an expert in new technologies and digital usage trends, Jouve is a digital services company specializing in the acquisition, optimization and distribution of content.

We offer a unique range of services: consulting, design and development of rich and multimedia content, digital book production, paperless document flows, IT Solutions, secure business process outsourcing, multi-channel distribution as well as optimization of the supply chain for printed content.

We build production chains, industrial publishing and distribution as well as innovative software platforms.

Jouve has demonstrated its leadership in the following markets: intellectual property, heritage and publishing; it counts, among its references, companies such as: Renault, the European Patent Office, the National Library of France, INSEE BNP Paribas, Mutual Harmony, and many others.

The Jouve Group is an established international player with 19 locations around the world, including 9 in France, and employs 2000 people.

What is your current placement on the market of multilingual translation?

Jouve offers multilingual services through the so called ” intermediation” mode. Jouve’s service approach groups together, in a neutral collaboration platform, all the participants in a translation project. The final client can benefit from a single access gateway to manage their projects, linguistic assets (translation memories, glossaries …), its resources (freelance translators, translation agencies). This platform ensures confidentiality of data exchanged through the implementation of automated controls as well as enhancing production gains through process optimization.

How is Jouve different from all other players in this market?

Since the translation market is mature and has a multitude of players, companies are always looking for outsourced translation services that are both cheaper and more efficient. In this context, Jouve offers a complete solution to manage the entire global content production cycle: exclusive translation process, layouting, conversion, and enrichment of publications. Jouve also offers complementary services with high added value: standardization (scanning/conversion), upstream and multichannel publishing in both paper and digital forms.

Could you define the terms of the partnership between Jouve and Wordbee?

Following a Benchmark test of several market standard translation management systems, Jouve has chosen Wordbee and its effective technological solutions such as CODYT and Beebox.
Jouve and Wordbee will provide translation agencies, businesses and public institutions with a rich and innovative multilingual offer.

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