Instant Translation

by | Aug 15, 2017

Instant Translation can be a very useful tool for everyone – enterprises as well as language service providers.

For Enterprises

Are you working for an enterprise? Do you and your colleagues regularly receive e-mails or attachments in different languages? Want to have a quick gist of their content right within Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word?

Our Add-ins for Outlook and Word bring robust features home and allow you to machine translate any text you require on these two platforms. At once and with a single click!
If you have a contract with a language service provider (LSP) that uses Wordbee Translator and you want to learn the precise message in these contents, you can further submit a human post-editing request to your LSP with just one click. Any time and as you wish:

only machine translation


machine translation + human post-editing

Installing the add-in directly from Wordbee Resource Centre you can get started right away. All you need is a Wordbee Translator account (with the MT Hive module) and a machine translation API token (Microsoft, Google, Reverso, Lingua Custodia, or Tauyou).

Select the desired text (Outlook-Word), the whole document (Word), or the attachment (Outlook), and click Translate. Depending on your configuration, Wordbee will either machine translate this content completely, or first resort to your desired translation resources (translation memories and term bases) and then fill remaining parts with machine translation suggestions.

What is the greatest benefit? You and your colleagues can immediately take action without first requiring a translation job to be sent to your LSP. And if you further need a human post-editing, you can submit this request right from your desktop without having to login into other platforms. Simple and easy!

For LSPs

As a language service provider, you have global clients managing multilingual communication. With the Client Portal module and the MT Hive functionality, you can let your clients send automatic orders to your Wordbee platform. Easy for them, easy for you!

All you need is the Client Portal with the MT Hive module. Then your clients simply install the add-in directly from Wordbee Resource Centre and get started.

If pure machine translation suffices and/or previous translations can be leveraged, your clients can simply do-it-themselves. They click Translate and their content is immediately machine translated and ready to be downloaded (as shown above). If desired, your client can request a human post-editing from your LSP with one single click, reviewing the cost in advance and at once – right on your platform! And your PM is notified immediately.

The greatest benefit is that orders can be submitted online and on a single platform, reducing management time for both sides and thus shortening turnaround times. Your team of post-editors can be automatically notified about the new request, and the first supplier can start working right away. Practical, easy, Wordbee!

Wordbee all-round features

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