Description of the new “segment information” panel

by | Aug 14, 2017

The new panel now has two tabs instead of three. Information from tab “details” and “database” are now merged in the details tab.

* The below image shows the new details tab.


We can see on top of this tab a “title” bar showing the number of the segment and two icons: a double arrow and a refresh one. The first icon is used to navigate to the segment in the editor and the second one is used to refresh the displayed information.

There is new information available in this panel. Under the Status line you’ll find information about: segment status (none, green or red) and segment bookmark (none, red or blue). These two icons allow direct change of the status without returning to the segment. Lock status and Comments are completing conveniently this line of information.

* The layout of the Revisions tab has changed slightly too.

See example:


This panel is constantly refreshed when a user jumps from one segment to the next. The information is shown in real-time.

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