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by | Apr 25, 2019

It’s important to get the most out of all available resources for your business. Automation is a means to do just that by leveraging the power of technology. After all, translation project processes that aren’t streamlined can negatively affect your productivity, quality, and budgets.

Automation workflows can make a real impact on productivity within your company and morale by optimizing every step of your internal and external translation process. It can save you precious time and money by eliminating “administrative” tasks, like sending endless emails back and forth between managers and translators, creating and sending invoices, tracking quotes, assigning translations, planning, and more.

Benefits of automation in Wordbee Translator

Wordbee automation has clear benefits that you as an enterprise or agency might want to consider.

  • Resource maximization: Maximize your resources and unleash your full potential as a localization department or agency.
  • Increased efficiency: Lower your management expenses by drastically reducing “administrative” aspects of your translation projects and focusing your time and budget on managerial activities that actually improve your service or drive your business.
  • Lightspeed deliveries: Increase your delivery time with the help of automation and collaborative technology.
  • Increased flexibility: Wordbee’s CoDyT management works for various documents, and its flexibility helps you maximize the effective tools of Wordbee.

Let’s take a look at the different automation aspects in Wordbee Translator.

Automatic job kickoffs

Continuous and Dynamic Translation (CoDyt), designed by Wordbee, automates or enhances management in every phase of your business, maintains flexibility, and reduces friction in the translation workflow. You can set up automatic workflows for proofreading or revision according to your preferred methods.

How does it work?

  1. If you set a document for translation, revision, DTP, and layouting jobs, Wordbee will automatically notify the translator that they can log in to Wordbee and start translating.
  2. Comments and communications are all taken care of in Wordbee with automatic notifications for team members.
  3. When the document is ready for revision, Wordbee automatically gets the revision task started for you.
  4. If the job must be sent between the translator and reviser, this is done by Wordbee with no management interference.
  5. When the language work is done, Wordbee will kick off your DTP task as well.
  6. Deliveries can be automated as well.

Business management and finance

When you set up jobs in Wordbee Translator, costs can be automatically calculated based on word counts and the price list you select. In advanced configurations, invoicing customers can be done automatically and periodically based on the settings you choose.

All projects done for a specific client can be automatically aggregated into one invoice at the end of the month and sent automatically from Wordbee to accounting or customers, which drastically reduces administration time.

Full financial reporting is available for large businesses or agencies who need full-scale reporting of their revenues and/or expenses in Wordbee, even when tracking several projects.

Crowdsourcing with a pinch of Wordbee swag

Crowdsourcing by Wordbee lets enterprises and agencies form their own crowd based on the translators they trust. This means that once you define the workflow, Wordbee manages the assignments and kicks off the jobs without interference. This also allows you to negotiate your own rates and ensure that the money you spend goes directly toward the translation work, cutting out potential middle-men.

In Wordbee Translator you also have the ability to perform group assignments such as:

  • Automatically propose jobs to groups of suppliers: Jobs will automatically be proposed to all suppliers in one or more selected groups.
  • Automatically crowdsource jobs to groups of suppliers: Jobs will be automatically crowdsourced to all suppliers in one or more selected groups.
  • Automatically assign to client company: Jobs will be automatically assigned to the client company.

The system also allows various steps to be automated:

Allow the client to view the progress of order: If it’s checked for a job type, then the client will be able to view progress for that task. You also have the option to include work deadlines and completion dates if you want them to be aware of partial deliveries, for example.

Automatic mandatory QA checks: By default, no QA is enforced for any job. You can set this up against a given profile to make sure all suppliers validate QA issues before they deliver their jobs.

Conditional steps: By default, there are no conditional steps. You can decide if jobs should be created based on volumes (segments to be translated, level of pre-translation, quality of pre-translation, etc.)

Make QA report available automatically right after job completion: By default, no QA report is automatically generated when the suppliers finish their jobs. But you can decide to activate this option if you want to enhance your QA workflows, making the most up-to-date QA report available for the document before starting a new job in the workflow.

Multi-directional translation memories and assignments

Multi-directional translation memories and assignments are crucial elements in any translation project. It’s advanced features like this that make your localization department or agency elite.

Let’s take the example of an enterprise project needing multi-directional translation memories for the localization of marketing content into many different local markets. In this case, you might need to adapt your offer and pricing to one market, and then decide you want to apply that to similar markets within your project.

Wordbee lets you easily select which target languages you want the revision applied to, and the translation memory is applied to the new jobs, because it’s multi-directional.

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