Top 5 reasons you should attend Wordbee User Day

by | Apr 18, 2019

Wordbee is back this year with a stellar event built around Wordbee Translator and Beebox. 

The Wordbee User Day will be taking place on June 14th, 2019, one day after LocWorld in Lisbon, Portugal. The pre-meeting party on June 13th will take place at the Sky Bar in Lisbon, which will be an opportunity to network with other Wordbee aficionados and have a great time. 

Network with Wordbee aficionados at the Sky Bar

1. Make your voice heard

We try really hard to communicate with our customers year-round, which you already know. Sometimes, though, nothing beats a chance to talk face-to-face.

We’d love to hear about your challenges, your thoughts on Wordbee, and what you think we can build that would really make a difference in your life and business. Bring your whole team and we’ll find time to listen to everyone.

2. Stay on top of the latest in localization technology

This year, the agenda is heavy on training and Wordbee sessions with our most knowledgeable staff. In terms of the training alone, it’s super valuable compared to the same training you would get on site.

We’ll cover everything new and lots of advanced topics, so there should be a key takeaway for every team. Some of this includes the latest improvements to the Wordbee CAT Editor, live preview, sentiment analysis, Global Search, QA checks, and more.

3. Treat your team to career development and fun

Our team is our family, and your team is your family, and together we make a big localization family… so let’s have fun together and learn something! We have a great party venue lined up for the 13th, a solid agenda of learning for the 14th, and Lisbon in June is just dying for your company.

4. Talk loc with our developers

Wordbee Developers are at the event. Use the opportunity to talk about Beebox, connectors, filters, features, solutions, workflows, customer service, feature pipelines, or anything else that’s relevant.

5. Get (nearly) free training for your team

No bones about it: this event is mostly about training and has a significant value versus what you would pay for an on-site training. 

The difference being that you’ll have direct access to our entire team in addition to that training. So….. we hope to see you there!


What are you waiting for?

Let’s have a great time, learn, and get extensive training for a fraction of the on-site cost!

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