Student perspective: My Wordbee internship experience

by | Aug 1, 2019

I started my internship at Wordbee (in the Luxembourg office) on the 8th of April. In order to graduate, I had to do an internship of at least two months related to my studies in Foreign Languages applied to Business. 

Carrying out my internship in a company related to the translation industry was a great opportunity for me since I will start my Master’s degree in Foreign Languages applied to Translation Technologies in September. This professional experience helped me get a clearer view of my upcoming professional career. I really felt implicated in the wide range of tasks I was assigned (e.g. localization of the Wordbee Translator interface and the Wordbee blog in French, Italian, and English, along with some marketing missions), making me think the localization industry fits with my expectations.

Of course, it is never easy to adapt to a completely new activity, even more, when it is combined with a completely new environment, but the entire Wordbee team is great, and it only took a couple of days to get a good connection with everybody.



With the valuable help of the team, I discovered how a comprehensive TMS combined with a CAT tool can entirely change the translators’ and project managers’ lives. It basically changed my opinion on the translation industry. 

Charlène MOCCI

I had already heard of this type of software before, but I had never used one. I must say that, at first, it was quite complicated to understand and find my way through the interface, but after watching some webinars, YouTube videos and listening to my colleagues’ recommendations and after using Wordbee Translator for a few days, I realized it was not difficult to use! 

I feel that Wordbee has great potential and I think people do not realize yet how useful and time-saving Wordbee Translator is. The company is booming: during my last days here, Wordbee got new office rooms that will help welcoming more and more employees in the IT team and the Project Managers/Sales team. The atmosphere between the team members is great: during lunch breaks, everyone cooks and eats together at the same table and we play table soccer or board games. 

In these past three months, I have been able to assimilate the techniques and organize myself more efficiently in order to carry out the work required in due time. While keeping up with the timing of projects, I managed to organize myself throughout the day with the different tasks to be done. Besides, since a lot of employees come from different countries, it was great to regularly hear English within the office. 

Everything I did during these three months served me both as personal and professional growth. I met a lot of interesting people who did their best to help me learning and improving my skills, and I will never forget what this internship taught me. With insight, it was a rewarding and brand-new experience. I had the chance to apply everything I learned at University, along with developing my language skills in Italian and English. 

Most of my friends spent their internships filing papers, running errands and making coffee, but I got the chance to participate in real projects that had a real impact. I had to participate in meetings and other discussions where my opinion was taken into account from the beginning. I can’t thank the team enough for giving me this opportunity to learn from their talent and expertise.

I can hardly believe my three-month internship with Wordbee is coming to an end. But I can say that I’m leaving with more experience and insight than I was expecting.

Thank you Wordbee! 

Charlène MOCCI

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