Wordbee chooses Wordcraft as a Translation Management Solutions reseller

by | Jul 25, 2018

Luxembourg, 18 July 2018 - Wordbee, a leading provider of translation management solutions, announced today the expansion of its sales resources in Germany with the appointment of the Specialist Reseller Wordcraft.

Wordcraft brings a wealth of market knowledge and experience to Wordbee.  In particular, Wordcraft provides a focus on the automation of translation workflows where its clients connect their CMS to the translation platform. The solution automates translation processes, reuses previously translated content, and controls translation costs through reporting tools and Business Analytics. Wordcraft also provides training and consulting services.

“Germany, Austria and Switzerland are key European territories for us and we have invested in them for significant sales growth,” said Anita Sempels, CSO at Wordbee. “To achieve this we needed to bring in more expert staff and partners. By adding Wordcraft to our list of Authorised Resellers, we have a really strong team that can address the needs of all customers in the DACH region.”

“Our History with Wordbee dates back to 2013, when we were looking for a state-of-the-art and future-proof TMS”, says Andre Hemker, CEO of Wordcraft. “During this process, we conducted a 200 page study on what was available on the TMS market and Wordbee blew everything else out of the water. Over the years we’ve become experts on the system. It fills us with great pride and joy to be able to represent Wordbee in the German-Speaking market, it is a TMS we can wholeheartedly recommend.”

About Wordcraft GmbH
Wordcraft is a comprehensive language service provider.  We have been in the industry for over 20 years, which enables us to combine first hand expertise with innovation, and provide our customers with the best solutions possible.  

We are able to provide our clients with all the language tools needed to compete on the global market. We specialize in Localization solution architecture, corporate language training, text and audio-visual translations, brand language and terminology management, and professional text analysis.  

We have partnerships in a wide range of industries, specifically the Financial, Tourism and IT sectors. We are a highly skilled team of professionals who pride ourselves on our ability to expand our clients’ reach.

About Wordbee
Established in 2008, Wordbee is a Luxembourg-based translation technology company that developed Wordbee Translator, a collaborative translation editor (CAT) and project management solution, as well as Wordbee Beebox, a content connector that interfaces with the most popular CMS software on the market. Wordbee helps language service providers, public institutions and enterprises to implement high-performance translation management technologies.

Using Wordbee’s technology improves the time-to-market of global products and at the same time enhances the quality of translations at lower costs.

More than 13 000 professionals (Translators, Editors and Project Managers) use the Wordbee solutions on a daily basis. Our customers include: Air France/KLM, Andovar, Ansell Healthcare, Hogarth Worldwide, Kneip Fund data management, Viacom, Chrono24, EA, Nikon Precision, Turner Broadcasting, Weekendesk, Worldvision, TUI, and others.

Wordbee received the E-Commerce Berlin 2018 “Best solution for International Expansion” Award.

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