Interview with MaPS’s CEO Thierry Muller about the partnership with Wordbee

by | Aug 16, 2017

MaPS System, a Luxembourg-based company, created a Master Data Management Solution that allows companies, groups or networks to centralise their data in a single repository offering multiple options to manage collaborative workflow and publication on various online/offline communication channels.

MaPS System has chosen Wordbee Translator™ to be integrated as the translation tool in the MaPS solution.
MaPS System’s CEO Thierry Muller explains how their clients will benefit from Wordbee Translator™:

Wordbee: Could you briefly describe MaPS System’s activities?

Thierry Muller: Today’s marketing & sales cannot be dissociated from omnichannel communication: businesses’ communication, through all possible channels, focus on reaching and satisfying the customer needs and expectations. In our era of globalization, in order to feed data and media content to all available supports, from paper to digital, marketing departments must manage the quality of their data, convert them into the appropriate formats whilst adapting their message to customer types, languages and cultural specificities. Serving as a “central hub”, MaPS SYSTEM allows businesses to manage this in a single repository and to implement data and marketing governance smoothly across their organization. Our customers are both multinational and local companies in all sectors with an important need for segmented and targeted communication and technical data and media management.

Wordbee: How will your clients benefits from a translation project management system?

Thierry Muller : Most of our clients are selling their products on the European or worldwide markets and they must translate a tremendous amount of data in several foreign languages. They generally use text applications or other exchange formats to communicate with their translation suppliers, those documents being sent by email. This causes delays, translation redundancies and time-consuming implementation of the translated data in the appropriate database for publication.
Alternatively, they sometimes use translations solutions which doesn’t totally fit their flexibility requirements or cost-control needs.

Wordbee: Why choose Wordbee Translator™ specifically?

Thierry Muller : We have been seduced by Wordbee’s system for different reasons.
Firstly, it is easy to implement and deploy. Secondly, Wordbee Translator is not  only a CAT tool, it is a comprehensive project management platform dedicated to translation. I believe that Wordbee’s key strength is its unique approach to automation of workflows. Our customers manage with ease complex translations projects whilst achieving quality results and controlling costs.
Finally, they share with us a flexible SaaS business model which is the best way to convince new clients to jump in for a trial.  Translation collaborative tools are offered by different companies but it can be difficult to find one that is approved across all departments of a company and can be implemented at minimum cost. Wordbee’s results speak for themselves.

Wordbee: Concretely, what will this partnership consist of?

Thierry Muller : MaPS System and Wordbee have developed a connector to transfer and manage data in both systems with the same logical structure and an adapted workflow. Exchanges between the two complementary solutions are totally transparent for users. Using both systems will be as easy as working in an Excel spreadsheet with the comfort of checking data for redundancy, following translation operations, deadlines, knowledge management and budget compliance on a daily basis. All these benefits have already convinced some of our existing customers to adopt Wordbee Translator as an extension of MaPS SYSTEM.

Wordbee: How will MaPS System and Wordbee benefit from this partnership?

Thierry Muller : Our first objective was to find an efficient and cost-effective solution for our respective clients to help them save time and money on  their everyday marketing tasks. Both our companies should strongly benefit from this partnership starting with joint efforts in communication and attendance at trade shows but also by sharing concepts, know-how and technical knowledge in order to offer the best user experience to our customers.

Wordbee and MaPS will attend the E-Commerce Paris show that will take place from the 24th to the 26th of September 2013 in Porte de Versailles. You will find us at stand C012.

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